The literary work of the window and hands

Usem Hello!

1. Skok will truck - I say when finished. Please do not break - and the thought break.
Gilot, was a window.
How much was it dirty and broken. And it was too lazy to wash him and change the glazing, and it was decided to throw it nafig.

2. joke. But the throw was yet decided. But not out of laziness, but more bored - there was nothing. The same joke. Throw the sake of unity with nature! Well, or at least, for the sake of proximity to fresh air. And the expansion of space kitchen-dining room. Just please do not kammenty "Oh, the post of the" How to draw the owl! " Just when you work - not usually to photography. Please come with understanding. What is, and show. The process itself has been a long, time-consuming and expensive.

3. The basis of design are larger - garden brown (almost like an ice pick) was prosversleno in the ground (in the "drilling" there was a sense that the concrete - packed, dry loam) 12 hole depth of 120 cm. They were concreted metal bars, bolted to the pre- oak beams 50-ke - future logs. Long cross beams - all of this to be placed on the management level.

4. I must say in this apartment will not work. But I passed! What I'm incredibly happy. At the appointed hour, the day of arrival "spetsidristov" with aluminum construction, has become the window., The window has become ... the doorway. In set which was suitable design. These manipulations were performed using the "Bulgarian", punch and scrap with a sledgehammer. Before recessing the opening in the kitchen was built shalashika and firmly tightened with polyethylene to dust from cutting has not been anywhere. It helped, but not much ... washed. Photos do not insert ...

5. Brief "spetsidristah" - were so large, they did not know how to adjust the hinge and put the castle. Helped, taught, obmateril ...

6. That part of what had been hastily converted from an opening in the wall.

7. Follow the surgery

8. Cosmetic seam ...

9. Later were exposed oak stands in two layers, it was attached to the wall beams and lay it all on the truss system (pine) and a crate. In the crate - screwed transparent corrugated roofing. In the photo - perform cut in the wall for abutting the roof. Cutting grinder brick and cement seam - a song! Only the obscene. But I had to practice and besides sufficient.

10. Begin to slip retreat ...
My cars. One for special trips, and the second - for the workers.

11. Song you do not forgive, the song tells you goodbye ... Here we see that the above also had a window. But she fell a hero's death in an unequal battle with the ergonomics of the room. Here's a nepruha windows. There may be advisable - build on the Projects. But it is (in the sense of Projects) is still more expensive than throw the window.

12. Under the window was a radiator, on which there were only a pipe.

13. Which were carefully stacked in artistic squiggles ...

14. knim connected here is a convector. Heating equipment and plumbing, please do not "zafukivat" - everything is working, warm and not leaking.

15. This council - elementary Dust protection for Bulgarians. I must say that the wall cut the other "big", but this polished wood.

16. There is a sharp jump - as it happens - drew an owl ... Stainless steel screws screwed oak flooring from the same oak made railings, steps and lower shell.

17. The land on the perimeter of concreted fittings ...

18. It is welded and painted frame.

19. Between the frame and rafters stretched rope ...

20. tensioned using turnbuckles.

I Felt Spider-Man.

22. Scourge and the Scourge ... What has already emerged parthenocissus, which will close all this by soltse, rain and prying eyes.

23. And this is the view from the very food that has been expanded.

24. But it is like a finished product. Furniture bought ready-made. In my opinion I went perfectly.

25. Do not mastered ... to finish the next day.

26. Again retreat ... And this time there are a topic of electric fireplaces. Just could not resist.

27. Beauty and relax - REPRODUCIBLE. And warm and non-reentrant. Evening cognac with a cigar on the terrace or near the fireplace (no cigar smell-a) - it is something!

28. This - again lyrical digressions - since I started ... flashed repeatedly in the background. Sandbox for my daughter. Three days of work (with sanding and painting boards). The roof - falls, rises. Photo creation process is not ...

29. And this is me. In the process of construction of terraces with other construction purposes calls in this miracle of technology.

30 That is.

31. Wonderworks. And more technical ...

32. Well, where zhne on Yap without kote ... Not mine. Rent my sister.

33. And do not kote one! My dog. Dvorterer. Silly - even small and ridiculous.

34. Another detail - in constant use.

35. And here is flew past the cloud.
It's all. Please do not kick. I tried.



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