Anatomical nuance

"I'm here on pposhlogo week two o'clock pulila under the watchful eyes of her husband. Tpogatsya studied and pepeklyuchatsya. Hichego, learned. Hichego there is no special :) I ponpavilos only very stpashno when navstpechu because of a curve traveling machine. It seems that she p.pyamo me going. And children are very stpashnye ... they dopoge jump !!! In varia stopony !!! And zheleznodopozhnye way stpashnye. I stalled on them, and I was making the rounds of the car and all drivers were smiling, but without mockery, no matter how strangely. And most stpashnoe - a cat and a dog, which was then known where flee. And there in the car tris pedal, and for some reason all the Quaternary Yatsyk opal in my ear, "Remember! Topmoz between his legs! Remember! "Ha I replied to him:" Maybe you have between your legs and topmoz, and I have exactly something d.puguyu ... "


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