Internet, which we lost

Well, that I covered the autumn blues. Let's talk about the Internet, which we lost. Do not squander not. He squander an evolutionary way.

Remember, as the beginning of the era of the automobile? The first clumsy iron boxes, courageous barbel in oiled leather jackets and sunglasses, canned, light sweet young ladies in long scarves wound on wheels. Car brotherhood. Two gentleman accidentally collided on the road, became friends for life. Drivers know each other on a particular word, the garment, the style of communication. These people can assemble and disassemble the car with his eyes closed. Professionals. Open honest guys, knights wheel and wrench. Where it all go? And where there were cabs to nine, knocks traffic light poles? Evolution, ruthless you bitch.

With any, literally any scientific discovery bad things happen as soon as it becomes widespread. Farmer examines ingenious invention and so, and that, and then it lights up: "Look, as this garbage because I simply can not interfere in the sump, it has a long handle so comfortable." Of course, this thing would be to look at the stars, but pit latrines urgent.

That online forums gradually degenerate into a mixing shit. And what was a good idea. The ability to express their views to millions of people. Chat with friends with the same interests, without leaving home. News thoughtful discussions on any topic. Socialization. Communications. Is not it wonderful? Recall that it was at the dawn of the Internet era. Smart bearded men with a technical education, sparkling jokes, discuss topical issues. And full confidence that once you hang out with someone who was able to master the computer, you can count on a certain level of development. Upgrade own intelligence thanks to the exchange of information. Is not a dream of science fiction?

As usual, it quickly ended. Internet obzhili weight, forums have become a normal philistine environment with dirt kilogram per gram of beads. Perhaps in the future will form the image of the first explorers of the Internet, these romantic men with a high forehead, agile fingers and disheveled hair. They will look at us accusingly from digital 3D pictures red eyes and shaking his head.

And we sigh, spreading his hands and say, "Excuse me, mister, this thing we have drowned in the toilet. Do not you have something new? ».

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