Belevsky paste. The traditional Russian delicacy

Writes Oleg Lenkov:

Belevsky candy - it's a terrific, traditional Russian delicacy, the history of creation of which goes back as far as 1888. She came up with a recipe known merchant P. Ambrose Prokhorov, making candy world-renowned product. At one time, candy Belevsky delivered to the table high personages of Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Georgia. Such recognition would not be possible if this product does not have such a vivid and memorable taste, which is stored on the first try.

Personally, I discovered Belevsky candy quite recently, and this discovery is so impressed me that I decided to share it with you.

To see how it is produced, I went to the Tula region ...
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The recipe Belevsky pastes is quite simple, because it consists of only three components, namely: Antonov apples, sugar and egg white. In this post I would like to tell you and show you the whole process of preparation of this delicious tasty traditional Russian sweets.

So, first you need to wash the apples.

After being placed in a special oven. Baking takes 2 5 - 3 hours depending on the size of apples. All this takes place at a temperature of 230 degrees.

Thereafter, the apples are removed from the oven and placed in a special cooling chamber, in which they are cooled. It is necessary to change the color of apples, that is not turned black.

If we neglect this procedure, the candy will not look aesthetically pleasing.

In parallel with apples, prepare the other ingredients. Proteins must be separated from the yolks.

Then takes the required amount of sugar.

Proteins and sugar using a whisk mixer.

From the cooled mashed apples.

Then all the ingredients are mixed special mixer.

The resulting mixture is poured into a special container.

With ladles get a lot poured into wooden forms.

Thereafter, the wooden trays placed in a special kiln for drying.

This process takes about 18 hours.

The average temperature in the furnace is 70 degrees.

After drying, the resulting seams are glued. In the role of the adhesive using the same mass, which is obtained by mixing apple, protein and sugar.

Thereafter, the preform reaches the special shelf. In order to make it ready for the next step should take from 10 to 12 hours.

Some preforms used to make apple chips, which are called "Hrustik".

Very tasty piece.

In addition to the classic apple paste, there are other varieties. For example, pasta with the addition of cherries, cranberries and sea buckthorn.

After the candy has cooled, it is cut and sprinkle with powdered sugar.


Then, it is packaged.

The sliced.

And these are the "Hrustik» ...




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