Hello! I long have you had a visitor, but decided to register a couple of months ago.
One day I came across a topic Lebedev about the tram. People were brutally surprised at what goes on rails sand. I decided to tell you about the work on the railways in general. Let you will reveal some more secrets. Perhaps someone was frightened, and someone will attract "our ranks." So will be a lot of pictures and mnogabukaf, topic, please do not tear, so it will be possible to look prettier, but I do not care.
I would warn the end.

I work in the most prestigious and the most important (Gazprom does not count) the corporation of our vast country. Name it "Russian Railways". For the 5th year I'm in this get-together.
I Electric locomotive driver. 3rd class qualification. I translate various cargoes, goods and sometimes ... YOU Anonymous. You Cursing me when I cling to the cars and you spilling tea and scolded me when I move overlapping where you stand, and late for work. And I just want to sleep.

1) This is my workplace

I cheer for hundreds of security devices and hundreds opovestiteli and repetitive blunt assistant.

That's like the enemy of my ears:

2) EPA. The electro-pneumatic valve. I will not go into details, I will say simply that he whistles loudly and if you do not react to the sound - work hitchhiking. Usually it whistles just by changing the signal, but there is a car-individuals, in which a mad lokomotivschik-innovator has introduced a system of vigilance check every 9 seconds. He died long ago, but it is certainly no longer is, to roll over in his grave when someone comes locomotive with infernal invention.

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By the way, to the left (white heroten) - pribot KOH. Fires hitchhiking on if turn down the EPA.

3) Our locomotives. Yes! It is our pride. From a distance, they appear to be fit, strong, but as you have seen the cabin, things are worse than ever.
The thing is that walking on country roads locomotives 60-70s. My oldest locomotive - 1969. Release. the youngest 1971. So then.
Can you imagine what a 200 ton iron forty years ago, who daily make up to 300 kilometers without rest and repair Krivorukov morons that once in a hundred years (from posony TchR, no offense).



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