As I gash the speakers in the office

This is my first post, try not to break ...
Will be a total of 23 pictures, try to kammenty
So there you go!

Photo №1
So, these were the speakers from some lazhovaya music center ...

Photo №2
So they looked ...

Photo №3
Here I examine the first of these ...

Photo №4
15W, 8 Ohm, but ...

Photo №5
He took off his acoustic fabric with gratings grills ...

Photo №6
Cogs-Shpuntik and fabric ...

Photo №7
The case itself ...

Photo №8
System of a bass-reflex! lol

Photo №9
Gee ... YUSB sound card handy ... =) only 2, 5 bucks dilekstrima

Photo №10
Razdrakonil too ...

Photo №11
Look carefully ... TP6911 ... blah blah blah ...

Photo №12
And here is the datasheet for a miracle ...

Photo №13
Pin assignment ...

Photo №14
Circuit of the ...

Photo №15
Connectors mingled - pulled ...

Photo №16
How to solder ...

Photo №17
Test! Works! lol (I connect to a computer)
ps pedestal samopal if Che under HTPC himself sculpted,

Photo №18
Smear-adhesive ...

Photo №19
Wife donated her black tights. (Thanks, Zaya!)

Photo №20
2 layers of black paint from a container, then 2 coats of clear lacquer spray from another - voila!

Photo №21
Collected ago ... almost as =)

Photo №22
Only now are active speakers with built-in sound card YUSB =)

Photo №23
That's how they look
I note that the office is small, these speakers voiced quite, because the dynamics of broadband, with a good Chuikov, they named 1+ Watt for the eyes, in principle
Well, the main plus - they do not require zvukovuhi and recognized by the automaton as a sound card and start working immediately!

Thank you for your attention!



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