In Batagai caught trout-eating

The family lived above the Arctic Circle almost to the Arctic Ocean life. They raised three children.

They lived here in a more or less well-Soviet era, during perestroika, in terrible nineties in better Putin. I especially remember the story of Irina about how they had to survive in the early nineties when the country swept the food crisis. They already had three children. In the tundra, permafrost, even a potato will not grow, even though the land in bulk. Do not feed them well with moss. However, he gritted his teeth, rolled up their sleeves and built teplichku planted cucumbers, tomatoes, chick lit ... You know what cucumbers grow under the northern lights? Enchanting.

Well, we continue to work in their native enterprise itself. In general, otpahal to complete. Now they have bought an apartment in Moscow, a dacha outside Moscow. Children learn in core capital's universities, the son worked as a geologist in Guyana is now in Mozambique, one daughter after training in Dubai projects well in Tyumen, chief engineer. Another daughter works in Moscow, raising a child.

They themselves are now going on a holiday closer to civilization and to the sun.
In general such a fate can only envy, I believe.

If you are going to leave this place for good, of course, experiencing mixed feelings. Not yet collected suitcases and nostalgia already here.
The North does not release anyone. I would like to touch more and more in the memory of the old stories, view photos from the archive. And once or twice with his granddaughter to drive fishing. On passing helicopter

Granddaughter on the banks of the Yana Yana.

Someone asked for more details about the horses Attila? Here they have. Shaggy stsuko squat. And bite. Atilla No wonder they won the whole of Europe. With these weapons, and it is not necessary.
I read somewhere that the warriors of Genghis Khan could cross great distances without food. They made a small puncture in the veins of the neck of his horse and drank his blood. For the horse is a little more sensitive than a mosquito bite.

on the shores of the Arctic Ocean

This house of the shepherd. He does not live here permanently, he arrives to look after the pregnant mares, mare pobuhat, watch telly.

In addition to horse-breeding and fishing, hunting for the local population of course is an important sector of the economy

There are different ways to treat these pics. Once I was traveling in a train with a Russian hunter reindeer from Yakutia.

He's all the way told me stories about encounters with bears alone, about his arsenal of weapons with all the nuances of the differences between the German guns from the Russian and Chinese fakes that misfire at a time when the bear had jumped on you ... I wonder what contrary to my understanding of these wild lands, licensing and enforcement of hunting regulations is a full order.

The number of reindeer in recent years is growing, because it is more expensive not to comply with the law. Another interesting fact: Yakutia reindeer meat exports to the United States. This small parties - for elite specialty restaurants, but still. It exported food.

In Khabarovsk, by the way, supermarkets, too, is full of Yakut products - from sausage meat and raw meat of a deer, to dairy products. Sometimes even organized section with Yakut products.

on the shores of the Arctic Ocean

on the shores of the Arctic Ocean

When someone leaves these places forever, adopted affixed. This is called "moldboard»



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