Miracles happen!


Homeless crossed Moscow in order to give the hostess a lost wallet with documents and money. From rewards refused

Everyone knows the story of a homeless African-American woman who gave her an engagement ring which has got into the box for alms. Do you think such miracles can not happen in Russia? You are mistaken. Can. Even in Moscow it happens.

Muscovite Irina Demidova, chief social programs "Atomenergomash", wrote on his page in Facebook:

 - Do you believe in miracles? No? Then now I will tell you a story! Today, having left the house early in the morning to avoid traffic jams, I went for my mother, to then together go to the country.

Taking mom things, food, etc. I went back to Moscow for the remaining family members, who decided to sleep longer on Saturday.

On the road I ended up washer fluid, and I had to stop and, as it should, to rub the glass. By bringing all of its most beloved together ... I was ready to leave the country, when suddenly ... I found ... that the purse with all the documents on the machine, the rights (mine and her husband's) cards, passports, CBOs, LCA SNILS ... - in short, the whole of life disappeared without a trace ...

To say that I was disappointed ... not fucking say ... Scroll event, I realized that I could have it all to drop when rubbing the glass on the road. Inside, everything went cold ...

I'm at your own risk (without documents), jumped in the car rushed to the spot (for a second kind of Krasnogorsk) and alas ... did not find anything!

In desperation, he returned home and suddenly ... you would not believe ... my door rang a stranger. At first glance - the usual homeless, but with clear kind eyes ... He shook hands, introduced himself and after the phrase "you probably lost their feet ..." handed me my purse. Dumb.

I'm starting to scream with joy, and he calmly says, "And now, without euphoria, please make sure everything is in place!". I start shaking hands rummaging in my purse and I understand that everything is in place, and even the money !!! And even my happy dollars ...

My husband immediately handed him the money from which he long refused, saying that just wanted to help!

You see ... people homeless on the road ... found the purse, got into the train, then the subway, then bus, an hour proiskal my house to help ... just because I'm most likely going crazy ...

The money we he still handed, fed, watered, planted in a taxi (taxi he sat with tears in his eyes, because he could not believe it was really for him)!

He left, and we stood for a long time and thought about it just a man with a capital !!! Thank you, Serge! May God grant you health and good luck! You're a hundred times steeper than Santa Claus! Guys, believe in miracles, and they will occur ...



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