The guy said, man made!

Venue: Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region, Nikopol.

Landfill waste in Nikopol yards have long been no surprise. Why trash is not taken in a timely manner? Or, specifically, in the situation of Nikopol, at the moment no trash taken out. And why at this mess through fingers looks mayor of the city?

There are many questions, but the answer to them is one - there is no reason to wait, you need to act dramatically and harshly.

Since the beginning of June we received 94 complaints about nikopolchan not timely removal of garbage from the houses adjoining areas, public places etc ... We can not influence the distribution of budget funds that could go to solve this problem, but we have a different effect - an expression of citizenship. In the near future we will have to collect garbage in the city and ship it at the administrative building of our local government. Let our mayor feels the fragrance from the landfill and understand what life is like the townspeople, he is obliged to serve.
the date of the application 13.06.2013

And what do you think are empty words?
But dick!
Photo date 18.06.2013

But dick!
Date 18.06.2013



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