Amanda Bynes: then and now.

The Rise and Fall of the American actress or why dope to no good arguments.

Amanda Laura Bynes. (. English Amanda Laura Bynes;. Born April 3, 1986, Thousand Oaks, California, USA) - American actress, ex-member of the TV show

«All this" Will be 10 photos.

1. In 1999, the actress became thirteen leading his own show, "The Amanda Show." For four years, the solo project of TV Bynes remained one of the most popular Nickelodeon channel, and four times Bynes became the winner Kids' Choice Award in the category of children's "Favorite TV Actress."

2. The secret of her success, thought Amanda's colleagues, is that she was not afraid to laugh at yourself. "Amanda is not shy clown, - says 34-year-old Leslie Grossman, her partner on the series" For what you love, "- She has a very attractive appearance, but if need be, she did not hesitate to agree to be a strange and ugly. Being funny for her the most important thing. "

3. Against the background of the huge success, Amanda too much attracted to parties and campaigns of the clubs.

4. From time to time, the former star of the children's channel Nickelodeon has become not hesitate to spread tweeted their candid photos.


6. Gradually Amanda appeared dependence on drugs. At first it was all harmless - Amanda pulled marijuana, then came to the police station.

7. In the later image can be concluded that the relation is stronger. Appearance is not much cared former superstar.

8. Recently, the police asked the representative of the construction inspection, he complained about the star that always smokes marijuana and twists "cigarettes" right in the lobby of the building. It scares him and that Amanda talking to herself and generally behaves strangely. When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, Amanda hastily thrown out "clues" right out of a skyscraper window of the 36th floor.

- Do not you know who I am? - Police met with angry cries Amanda

. However, it did not help 27-year-old actress to avoid arrest - she was sent to a hospital in Roosevelt, New York. And now the star is waiting for psychiatric examination.

9. At the trial, Amanda behaved more than strange, but in fact she had nothing to say.

10. And it was such a good girl!




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