Evolution of Style Amanda Seyfried

Evolution of Style Amanda Seyfried from 19 to 26 years has been slow, but in the right direction. With each new output actress "oglamurivalas" and become a stylish girl, decent counted among the best dressed stars of Hollywood.


At the April premiere of the film "Mean Girls," in which Amanda also took part (and even "Girls" is identified only by Lindsay Lohan), Seyfried appeared in a short dress the color of melted milk. 19-year-old actress has just joined the ranks of world stars and poses on the track is not built into the head, and personal style is not formed. One need not be a professional image-maker to looking at the photo, not understanding that this dress is absolutely gone waist, and frankly worth Amanda "vraskoryaku." But how can we have said, "It happens to everyone and who have failed gallery?". The main thing - to come.

New York and again premiere comedy "Mean Girls." A few weeks later the actress was not thrown favorite white clutch in the cellar, and took it to the next publication. Clutch, of course, neither here nor there, but with this form-fitting dress with polka dots, it looks better than the previous dress. By the way, about the dress: it goes to Amanda greater than the former, but translucent bodice - is somehow not ice ...


Hooray, a new clutch! It is ideally suited to the sandals and you can see that Amanda is moving in the right direction, putting little things interesting. Dress with Aztec pattern is far from ideal, but there are glimpses and can not be overlooked. In 20 Seyfried was not so skinny as it is now and pick up clothes so the figure was a little more difficult, because of the weight, because of age, and then prozovut "piggies God forgive me," and since then not otmoeshsya. Correct Amanda did that dress modestly and cute, and temperament, I think she has a discreet and does not "break" himself dressed so.

Well, that Amanda feels more relaxed on the red carpet, but it would be a reason for this ... It looks, in my opinion, terribly tasteless. Well shapeless wrinkled dress itself is not one painting. As such, Seyfried arrives at the «MTV Movie Awards» in 2005.


A casual bow on red starry carpet - is nonsense, but Amanda still. Convenient and free, what else is needed to view the film, which has nothing to do with you? She did not PR, but just came to see the movie. By the way, it seems to me that before she was a little shy about their own forms.

The premiere of the film "Alpha Dog" - is another matter, because Seyfried starred in the film, and therefore must not lose face, imagining it. Great mini dress and finally hairdressers made her a nice styling!


I never thought that Amanda taaaak to face green. Cut dress I do not like, but the image as a whole - the obvious progress. Bow fully represented brand «Miu Mui», and demonstrated its London premiere on Amanda film adaptation of the musical «Mamma Mia!».

The premiere of the same film in the United States. Amanda in a long black dress with a single accessory - a gold bracelet. Maybe for someone boring and onions, but I like the quiet confidence of Amanda in this manner, so vote for.


24-year-old actress on the "Golden Globe". Some nervousness slips into a smile Amanda, but not only because of the way I would have reacted to the failure. I think the combination of gold and silver does not look very advantageous, then you should choose one or the other.

The stunning beauty of the dress «Peter Pilotto» Amanda even walk on the Prize «Glamour», but the outfit did not sit down. Shoulders, like a swimmer, and the bottom like a teenage girl. Maybe I'm too critical, but Amanda poorly presented clothes, although laying her each time getting better.

The first thing that comes to mind - how she lost weight! Just like in the song, in his eyes. Wonderful simple image was presented at the Toronto Film Festival.


Amazing girl. For all its sweet, gentle and innocent beauty she did not go too "overdressed" outfits, but usually these things are not suitable only girls with bright and bold appearance. Seyfried more to face somewhere, but certainly not a creation of «Valentino».

This cocktail dress from «Giorgio Armani» show all that is hidden, and I do not for a moment doubt where all the men stared at the premiere of the movie "Dear John." If you have something to show, then why not? Sometimes you can, but do not abuse it. Figure beautiful, but the dress is not very.

Party «Louis Vuitton» and Amanda paradoxically (take it in quotation marks) in the «Louis Vuitton». Superluk in which Amanda reminds me of Kate Bosworth.

Amanda has not played Cinderella, no !? And it would be time. Full penetration into the image.

Still can not look "Letters to Juliet", but Amanda was lucky - she appreciated his acting game two years ago in one of the Prime Minister, who complained to the original dress. Good image, she is changing and it pleases.

But "Red Riding Hood" I looked and saw that movie at once, although that Amanda in the film that looks great at the premiere. Slender leggy blue-eyed blonde - the dream of many men (and to whom did you get at this?).

And for podstrizhku bump! As she was good with long hair and how "no" to the mean. Dress leaves much to be desired, but the man on the left hand chic!


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