Useful information for those who suffer from morning hangover

Useful information for those who suffer from a hangover the morning after a serious feast last night.
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Forget diet shakes

According to recent studies, one has only to mix a drink with diet soda and alcohol content in your blood will rise immediately by 18 percent. What happens? Without sugar and calories in your cup and, respectively, in the stomach, alcohol smoothly falls directly into the bloodstream. Of course, we are not supporters of drinks with fructose, but a few extra calories can significantly extend your way to the stage singing karaoke.

Do not smoke

Even "non-smoker" hard to give up cigarettes after a good drink, but according to research by Brown University, the union of these two addictions almost inevitably leads to the fact that the next day will be lost. Researchers believe that nicotine contributes to release of cytokines in the body, proteins that regulate the immune response. The result - inflamed brain, head breaks, and before the eyes of all the floats.

Do not drink alcoholic dark color

A little chemistry lesson: fermentation and distillation of alcohol often lead to the formation of toxins in it, says Ph.D., an expert in alcohol metabolism and professor of anthropology at Union College, James Schaefer. The concentration of toxins is high not only in a cheap alcohol, which usually use the students, but in the dark alcoholic beverages, such as bourbon, brandy, whiskey, some types of tequila. In one study, 33 percent of the participants drank bourbon, suffering from a hangover, while only 3 per cent of the drunk the same amount of vodka woke up with vertigo.

Take your vitamins

To drink properly digested, the nutrients needed. From a medical point of view, the more you drink, the more nutrients the body needs to replenish the resources of the liver. In addition, alcohol destroys vitamin B. As a result, somatic cells are deprived of nutrients, which leads to a heavy hangover. Schaefer advises replenish the balance of vitamins in the body, taking the complex B, B6 or B12.

Forget about the drinks with bubbles

Of course, sipping a whiskey and soda looks attractive, but the carbon dioxide in the company of alcohol ingested through the stomach into the intestine. Alcohol from the stomach enters the upper part of the small intestine, where most of the process of absorption of alcohol. The result - faster and more powerful intoxication and probably painful hangover.



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