Camye unusual ways to treat headaches and hangover (1 picture + text)

1. Ancient Rome

The ancient Romans liked to drink, and who did not love ... And of course, they woke up with the feeling that the head is held chariot races. But they are not lost, and prepared myself ... canary. The recipe is simple, svezheubituyu canary, put in a roasting pan, allowed to scorch the feathers, the main thing that the meat has absorbed the smoke, but remains moist and ate the canary in its entirety. Canary considered very effective for headaches.
2. Namibia

In Namibia, to drink "beverage buffalo." It whipped cream + dark rum, spices, liquor + milk buffalo. On his head is a pass in 15 minutes, or will turn over this time, but again the head to pass.

3. Puerto Rico

It is assumed that drinking in Puerto Rico found a way to overcome the hangover. They take a slice of lime or lemon juice and rub into their armpits. And most importantly treat the armpit of the hand with which you drink it. Personally, I very much doubt the effectiveness.

4. Japan

In Japan, there are few truly national ways of dealing with the hangover.

1. As snacks constantly use umeboshi (umeboshi) - a little salty pickled plum. Then you do not terrible hangover
2. Drink gallons of green tea during the libations.

By the way, the signs of the zodiac have to know what to drink. For example, me, on a horoscope, it is advised to drink light dry wines, and I drink brandy. I'll try pobuhat «horoscope»

5. Germany

On the morning of a headache? Then you need a traditional German breakfast. It is called "pohmelny breakfast." It includes a large Lamothe cheese, grilled German sausages, pickled herring wrapped around cucumber and onion. The head will pass, but not used to the whole day you can spend on the pot.

6. Canada

Canadians - the right guys. Before the last shot of them eat french fries with traditional Canadian cheese in a sour sauce. The taste is not really. But it really helps, and even a little sobering.

7. Sicily

Dried bull's penis. No sauce, just like in the morning for breakfast. It helps not only to cure a headache, but also raise the tone, although it's more a psychological effect.

8. Haiti

Exemption from hangover by using voodoo ritual. Suffering a hangover is to bring a bottle of drinking. He poured alcohol into the tube and holds the shaman ritual around it, to banish evil spirits from the body into the tube with alcohol. After the process tube is poured on the ground, and the bottle is broken.

9. Ancient Greece

Unlike the canaries of ancient Rome, the Greeks somehow easier. They only ate two raw eggs owl.

10. Ireland

There is nothing else, just need to ask friends to bury you in the sand on the shoulders of the river. Cold pull pain, this is akin to a cold shower in the morning. The blood run through his veins faster and even medicine proves the effectiveness of this method. By the way, the Irish drink a lot of vodka. Purchase them no respect.

11. Vietnam

The most effective way to help, according to the Vietnamese, from everything. It is brewed cup of broth from the tusk of a rhinoceros. It is in doubt, it is better bury me at the Cold River.

12. Turkey

Soup of viscera with cream. The insides are cooked with garlic, onion and cream. It is recommended to eat before drinking, to avoid a hangover. Maybe this is something there, no wonder this method is also popular in Mexico and Romania.

13. Mongolia

The test for a strong stomach. In the morning, according to Mongolian tradition, will help you a cocktail of tomato juice ... iiii pickled sheep's eye. No, I'd rather go ka Ireland.

14. US

Traditions are many, some very strange.

1. Raw eggs, corny, simple and effective

2. In the morning, with a hangover, you have to get up and go for a run, as the saying goes' up a sweat. " At the same time you have to lick the sweat from his hands and spitting. The main thing is not to run past the madhouse. By the way, is an ancient Indian way.

3. Hangover bus from Las Vegas. Googling. An interesting little idea.

4. It is something from a German, but again with a pinch of the US. We must make a burger from eggs poached, ham and hollandaise sauce over all and an English muffin.

5. Now, this method is not used, but the cowboys in the Wild West were treated hangover "tea" from the rabbit droppings.

Russian ways we know that talking about them ... And if you have an interesting way to treat a hangover?


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