Useful information for those who suffer from morning hangover

Girls, I want to share a little secret. You are going to a meeting, appointment or somewhere else, and suddenly you have found a spot you immediately skovyrivaete / squeeze on the face appears hideous red spot. From it you can get rid of a few minutes.

Take a fleece, a small piece, 0, 0 * 5 cm, 5 cm or less), it drip a few drops of Visine and put in the freezer for just 3 minutes, because Vizin quickly freezes. To get it, and apply it to the pimple cotton wool after 30 seconds, it melts and adheres to the inflamed site. Leave it to the minutes 5.

Due to the properties of Visine (sosudosuzhenie, soothing and drying effect) and by freezing (double effect sosudosuzheniya) after 5 minutes of your pimple will be noticeable only at very closely placing objects.

If the spot is very large, but the procedure can be repeated. Redness and inflammation subsides, and you just have to powder powder / paint over tonalnika / proofreader disguise.


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