Buses in Magadan

Not so long ago I came across one niche sites a selection of photos coaches Magadan.

It should be noted that the long-distance bus in Magadan - is 700 kilometers or more. In the taiga, meter drifts, lack of asphalt and a temperature of -50 degrees ...

What kind of machines able to live in such conditions? What are upgrading it goes, and what to do if a crowded bus stuck in the taiga? Let's try to understand ...

Will 13 ph, ask not break

Most of the buses depart from the bus station in Magadan and follow down the road "Kolyma».

The first major stop - the airport "Falcon". Before him from Magadan little more than 50 kilometers - nothing by local standards.

Before "Falcon" paved highway. Land without settlements small by local standards, only 20-25km. It's quite easy with the local road-climatic point of view bus route №101. On it previously worked Icarus.

Quote from the local offline:
There direction Magadan - g.Susuman (625 km.). It is only two cities in the region (after the separation of Chukotka). Then the track goes to Ust-Nera - is Yakutia. It would be interesting to see what has been written to this post! Since the late '80s and until last year the buses reached n. Karamken. Next we pass betonka ends and begins a horrible ground !!! I heard 30 years ago, there seems to be Icarus tried to put on a dirt track, but the stones incapacitate airbags and windshields at -60 burst (in winter the region to reach -63 and +40 plus summer passes by 1000 m.). Although the stones on the road all year round, plus a coal driven on the highway, and the car that flies here permanently without lobovuh. Earlier avtobusniki uglevozam blinking lights, drivers uglevozov reduced speed, and thanked them avtobusniki flick of the wrist. I myself had seen Laz with a blanket instead of the windshield and a small window in the blanket. And I avtobusniki told that there were several p.Seymchan Ikarus 260's already dismantled.

And now - KAvZ

Asphalt is a solid up to about 110 km of the road - do not reach 1-2 km to the top Karamkenskogo pass (it's betonka was - in the late 90s began to cover it with asphalt). Next, the concrete crumbled in places, sometimes it was not. After the village of Apple on the rise on pass Apple lost the asphalt to the highway "Amur».

On the track "Lena" small areas of asphalt, too, oh-oh-oh-very rarely.

Next "Falcon" buses go only one model - LAZ-699RUR. They plow the road for 25 years, and their endurance is surprising

All buses are glued double glazing
In the case of head-on - is taken from the windshield PAZ-672 or 677-LiAZ. Placed on clay, after all is well washed, dried without drafts that were not within the condensate. Side are usually made of glass panes in Susumane seen on the 677th glass, missed the top tar. Now put on the double sided tape with heat hairdryer and transparent tape from the top. Single heavily frosted glass, and the cold is strong - hands are freezing at the wheel.

According to local, Magadan region "falls apart" in front of. This is clearly seen in the bus service. Quote from one of the forums:

In the villages there are now Stretches of 200km. Airports on the field almost all closed. Alternatives - zero. The car put several stoves + avtonomka. Previously, Magirus were, now they are a great choice. With a few spare wheels. In just a few hours of parking the wheels are square - a place of contact with the ground knocking a few more kilometers until warmed tires. For perebortirovki wheel beside another tire ignited and warms the repaired tire. While off - changing the camera. Older drivers are told that in -60 camera shake off the body of the car flew like glass. Wait can tire a bit different. Yes, and all jacks carry with them in the cabin ...

More memories of some members of the forum:

I was still a small riding a 256. We left at Ikarus was -5. pneuma frozen when it was -34. The bus fell on its belly.
Driver with a frost in a sweater trying to revive the compressor is running but where there - all pozamerzalo.
For the people who came to someone on the opposite bus back left.
I was traveling with my mother and sister. Already "warmed up" I was already warm to sleep ... well hypothermia was nonacidic. Sister cheeks froze a long time with the Reds went.
We walked on foot to the village, where we were allowed into the house we were warming themselves by the stove.
us each morning came.
That's how it is. As it turned out the bus still reached then, but it remained only one woman - all the others who have left who have left.

It is near for the "Falcon". Photographed at -15, according to the author it is practically impossible to photograph, because at -50 or lower is usually the fog and the conditions for shooting problematic - even the hands seen in the picture pairs.

In winter - the snow, in the summer - the dust and emptiness.

Quote from the board:

dust really fun, I was taught to use matchbox - jab standing in the hatch boxes - and blowing dust and nails in the salon, which is like a vacuum cleaner sucking the bus with all the cracks. If the cool - boxes placed on the edge, and at night, and all flat - cold, but if you close the hatch - Rear breathing impossible. Watch c / o 16 comes as a mouse - gray monochromatic mass))

Each flight of the local bus - quite a feat as the driver and his old bus. After all, they determine the life of four dozen people



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