Alexei Kudrin was the Jew

The idea is taken from rurik_l.
According to this my good and honest friend, "Kudrin converted to Judaism." Back in September. I did not know that.

Why would the Russian blood person suddenly become a Jew? In fact, I have a definite answer. I may be mistaken, but the exact answer is next to mine. That I'm sure of absolutely.


Prior to 1987-88. for me there was no Jewish question. Then he came out and went up to his full height. There were reasons for that. A lot of them! After Yeltsin's demarche to the Politburo appeared powerful media group is quite certain people who fearlessly and quite unexpectedly for me barrage of critical publications and television broadcasts in Russian national shrine, which for me has been and remains to this day untouchable. No less powerful criticism has fallen on the Russian people, its foundations on Christianity. Who has forgotten all the specifics, leaving only a feeling of wild hatred towards these people.

Home Korotych put this in the "Ogonyok", when it is mixed with the mud of Pavlik Morozov. We can variously refers to the act of Paul. But the immutable fact - for the right boy killed as he considered the matter. Here is what he wrote then in "Soviet Russia" Alexei Morozov, the brother of Paul: "Editor" Ogonyok "Korotych on the radio" Freedom "stated that my brother - son of a bitch, then, and my mother ... Yuri Izrailevich Al'perovich-Druzhnikov to us vtёrsya family, drank tea with my mother, we all sympathized, and then published in London vile book - a bunch of disgusting lies and slander that after reading it, I received a second heart attack ».

Next attack undergone Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, Alexander Matrosov, Marshal Zhukov, and many others. It has been seen that there is a systematic degeroizatsiya Russian people, as people live without pride for him? Is attacked and the people. Red-brown, redneck, drunk, lazy, clumsy, etc. - that it has become common place. Here in Russia! Russian appeared cornered in his house! Read and see it was just unbearable.

Then he climbed into the world two monster - Novodvorskaya and Borovoy. At the 1st channel permanently settle completely alien to me Posner. Every its transmission - it is a slap in the Russian and my people. Ball rules enemy! Here. In the main channel of Russia. It was strange to see all sorts of Russian, who gladly went to the Posner on his "time" where he declaim down and looked at those fools. Where is the conscience of these people? Why did they come here? They still would go as go to Venediktov on "Echo of Moscow" - Prokhanov, for example. Here, Venediktov to Prokhanov in his "Tomorrow" just will not go, and Prokhanov to Venediktov walks. What for? Perhaps, then to be in sight - "Echo" is well visited office.

Appears radio station "Echo of Moscow", "Novaya Gazeta", "The Edge". Each of them was absolutely hostile to me. I was difficult to confuse. I knew and know - for me the enemy. The Enemy Within, which is not even hiding.

Next - privatization. Terrifying, insolent, absolutely unpunished plunder of national property of Russia. Again, the same features - complete disregard for the interests of the people and the country.

In general, examples of the result can be infinite.

What unites these people? They say, they say, they are democrats and liberals, right, they say they are. They called themselves so. That they have such faith - hating communists. Let it be so. And the Russian people and its traditions, its heroes and why insult harass, mock why? Russian do not do that. I too was a Democrat and a liberal. And also I think that the government should be elected and be a free man. Elect Putin, Putin will mean. Elect Zyuganov, then Zyuganov. This is the choice - Democrat must obey. But these are not some no Democrats are not liberals. After all, they say (Radzikhovskiy, etc.), that fraud is justified, if the power train is a communist. But this is not democracy. So, not liberalism, which involves the free will. And they are not right at all. Right - a conservative Russian blood that honors the tradition of their forest alia, unlike the revolutionaries of the Left. Again, a lie. Then who are they, if they are not democrats, liberals are not wrong, because they are incredibly spayanyi activities in their hatred of the Russian and Russia?

Nsomnenno, the majority of its Jews is. But not all Jews are. There are exceptions - and A.Vasserman E.Hodos, for example. This is my dear people. So, no matter their Jewishness at all? Many believe that the rights of this group of people especially Judaism. And I began to read up on this topic. A lot of things read. And quotations from the Talmud and the Shulchan Aruch of and from other sources of saints. What it says is amazing. And their goal is clearly visible - is not my idea, it is in these books they write about that - the ultimate goal of the world at our feet. No more and no less.

This group operates a large junction and its choir. No sane person would not praise the "school" of Germanicus. Because it is dirty. But this audience all as one sang songs of praise this bad. And so in all. And no words against them can not speak - just prishyut label anti-Semite. Belonging to this group - so join the club of the powerful. If you're among them, you were not in danger.

That's why there Kudrin. And not because he was a Jew, and a Jew by conviction. Basically, it is an exhaustive description of the person voluntarily defected to the enemy camp. I always thought Kudrin enemy. After all, no sane Minister will not be the money received for the oil out, immediately return them to the same as the economy of his country lies in ruins. All talk about inflation here in favor of the poor, they say. Previously, he was in the company's de facto, now took shape and de jure. PL buggy. DEL.



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