Keanu Reeves 49 years old today. With Dnyuhoy, "Neo"!

September 2, 1964 in Beirut born Keanu Reeves (Eng. Keanu Reeves), a famous Hollywood actor. Among his ancestors were not only the Anglo-Saxons, but also Irish, Chinese and Hawaiian natives. The very name Keanu - Hawaiian. Initially Reeves Mummery did not think about, intending to become an athlete, a variety of sports. Study it did not go well because of dyslexia. At one time, he became interested in music, playing bass guitar in several bands. Then he began acting in commercials, where he noticed filmmakers. He became famous thanks to the movie "My Own Private Idaho," "Speed," "Point Break". A worldwide fame and rank top stars brought him the role of Neo in "The Matrix."



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