This stick has appeared at us in the early summer. She has presented a very good friend, and so it was very dear to us. All summer she served us faithfully, in a fun and sadness, caring and fun. She served as a shovel and stick by it won by local fighting with her older sister, numerous attempts were made to pierce the ceilings, to scratch furniture, catch a fish, a broken leg, and just all around istykat.

19 bit images and letters

Vacation stick was carefully deposited with a cousin, and without it had to be bored.

Everything was just fine, but ... Yesterday, after a three-month faithful service, we lost it. The loss was irreparable, grief was inconsolable. Attempts to resuscitate failed.

Today, therefore, it was decided to capture a new friend. Although the weather is not outstanding, overcast outside, but ... next to the house there is a semi-abandoned little wild, and this wonderful park.

To search for and prepare a new stick we need: pen, hunting knife, sandpaper, four-year and two-year dog Pentik kote Mishan. Knife and sandpaper needed directly for the preparation of the stick, it should be as similar to each other has left us. Mishan and Pentik need to search.

The stick has to be exactly the same size. For this we need markup (my navel, which is, in the pit of my stomach did not kick) pen and leave home, the more he is not needed. Thus, forward.

Reconnaissance of the terrain.

During the search, a variety of options were considered. But not suitable for the toschine, then at length, were too raw and rotten

While looking for a stick, scored fungi on zharĐĹhu. Such

And there. Sami there will not be, will treat neighbors

Some distracted by frogs

See the forest for the trees

Finally Pentyuha found a candidate. A detailed examination of the stick was in dry measure, the desired curvature and thickness

After accurately measure the length of doing notch on which then break stick

Then you need to stick pare. Planed better than the sharp edge of a knife, otherwise you can spend the whole evening. I was lucky, I immediately chose a good edge, so the work took about 5 minutes

While I was whittling, little shit has found a royal mushroom. The neighbors will be a holiday today

He grew up under the red tree, which is also growing mushrooms

Meanwhile, we bring sandpaper stick until tender

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