Find 60 lines of children's songs

We need to find 60 stitches (STITCH is, not names) of children's songs.
Quite difficult))
Answers under the cut, but I suggest that you try to guess yourself))
Connect acquaintances)

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To read the answers, highlight the text below:

1. 33 cows
2. Or maybe crow
3. White boats
4. The Big Secret for a Small Company
6. In Africa, the mountains here such vyshiny
7. In my head sawdust
8. The house 8/16 cat lives
9. Every small child
10. The box of crayons
11. In the grass grasshopper sat
12. Vzveytes fires blue night
13. Blue, do not want to play Stobo
14. Twice two - four
15. To what do you want, my friends, a live giraffe ride
16. Dormant subdued northern city
17. Hedgehog rubber
18. If we are preparing next sparrow gun
19. Lived with two gay granny goose
20. What made our girls
21. As we know, we the people can not bear hot and calf tenderness
22. Carousel Carousel
23. Winged swing
24. Who goes to visit in the morning
25. Spoon the snow is most disturbing night
26. The golden ray of sunlight
27. Young children do not go to Africa for a walk
28. Little fur-tree cold winter
29. Mani-mani
30. Can we have offended someone in vain ...
31. My dear piyavochki
32. We are going to the city emerald expensive hard
33. We are taking with a cat
34. We come to you for an hour
35. We brass knuckles, pistols
36. At the fool does not need a knife
37. dancing ducklings look like want
38. I find the body, even a pimple on an elephant
39. Our happiness is constantly - eat coconuts chew bananas
40. Do not lozhisya on the edge
41. Clouds Belogrivov horses
42. From a smile gloomy day brighter
43. The stick-stick-ogurechik, that man came ......
44. I swim through the waves and wind
45. Let run clumsily
46. ‚Äč‚ÄčEvery step two step
47. freckled redhead killed grandfather shovel
48. I heard a voice from a comfortable distance
49. The dog snaps at the heel
50. Sunshine sky around
51. Sleeping tired toys
52. This syakaya escaped from the palace
53. coward hare gray
54. What do I snow, I heat
55. Oh my life tin
56. I was once a strange toy nameless
57. I was drunk and fly on a broomstick
58. I have a rest
59. I cloud, cloud, cloud
60. I respect pirate, I respect the cat


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