A list of 52 things that you can change your boring Sunday in the year ahead

I also often spread out on the couch, put on the belly of a laptop and still spend so a free day and then all weekend. Thinking about the fact that it is not the most interesting holiday, I decided to think of alternatives. They turned out to be a lot.

If a secret, this article I write as well as spend a Sunday. Hour of the night, I lie on the couch with the laptop on my belly and squinting from the light of the screen. Say that in order to understand the killer, you need to act like a killer. So, in order to understand how to replace the useless lying on the couch, you lie down on the couch. Logical? No, but who cares. The main thing I believe in it and it helps me think.



And here's a list of things to do instead:

Go to the store for a week. Sort Manager of business tasks for the week. Look at Tinder or other service of a new person and go on a date with him. Arrange a book marathon and read the book in one day. Tidy in the apartment. Go outside and take a walk to the place, which never was. Call an old friend or former classmate and offer to meet. Immerse yourself in podcasts, and listen to interesting people. Learn the Board game and play with friends. Learn how to juggle. Why not? Delete unnecessary files from the computer. Start your diary and make the first entry. Find out something totally new. For example, is there water on other planets in the Solar system? Prepare meals for the week ahead and place it on the containers. Go to the gym. All ingenious is simple. Arrange your soulmate the perfect day. Make something new with your image. For example, take the chance to try a new hairstyle. Learn how to make paper airplanes. Find new music. Select the new language and begin to teach him. Call friends people with whom you have not communicated. Find a volunteer organization in your city and go there to work for free. Learn to do massage. Give unwanted items to charity. Get out of the closet an old console and remember the childhood. Take a bike and ride out of town. Find a cool recipe and cook something new. Remember your last promise and execute it. Open the ranking of the best movies for "IMDb" and start to see all the movies from top to bottom. Exit the house without a single thought and improvise. Go to a beauty salon and put your hands in the aquarium with fish. The service is called "fish massage". Do something that you think is shameful in the eyes of strangers in an unfamiliar area. But without violations of the law. Write a real letter to a loved one. Take up a hobby. Clean refrigerator. Go to the library and get a book out there that you will like. Write a list of things you want to do in my life. Take capture the beautiful places of the city. Find a yoga school and try it. Try to learn to meditate. Learn the card trick. Write a letter and send it to yourself in the future. Start to prepare gifts for the New year. Pick up a musical instrument and learn to play it. Explore the world and decide where you want to go. Write a list of 10 things that you want to try. Find activities for your interests and go there. Disconnect from all electronic pieces and spend a day offline. Make a gift to a loved one. Press the maximum number of times and try to improve this result. Build a shelter out of pillows. Destroy the refuge of pillows. Now you have a list of 52 options of how to spend a Sunday. This will be enough for the whole year. published

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Source: lifehacker.ru/2015/03/21/spisok-iz-52-del-kotory-mi-mozhno-zamenit-skuchny-e-voskresen-ya-na-god-vperyod/


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