Photo Tour of the day.

This post is a photo illustrations for those who have read stories about Petrovich, for the rest, let it be a beautiful picture on the theme of autumn. At its creation it has been spent eight days off, overcome by more than eight hundred kilometers of roads and captured five hundred photos. Most worthy presented to you.
42 photo.

1. If in September in our area to get up early and go to the sun, you can see the following picture. Foggy morning. The truth is I was able to capture what he saw once.

2.Den promised to be sunny.

3. This photo is made of 150 km from the town to the south, there's still summer.

4.nemnogo stories

5. within

6. Another story. Such large-scale structure point to the fact that in the area there were a lot of villages and towns.

7. wilderness, from the road about twenty miles.

8. frescoes

9.Karstovye lake. Limestone on exposure to atmospheric moisture, temporary water flows, streams and rivers undergoes gradual dissolution. With the change of geological epochs in situ limestone formed deep sinkholes bizarre shapes. They are filled with water, and often form a network of deep lakes, connecting caves.

10. once stood a pointer to the information. This time, they found none. The depth of the lake about forty meters, the length of about three kilometers.

11.Do not all days of the weekend was sunny

12. This cloud accompanied us all day, and on the way back was shed for our team. About forty kilometers, we had to move in the pouring rain.

13. Such was the road on which we were traveling. In the photo, my crew.

14. In some places had to force the Forest River.

15.Utrom surprise waiting for us. Fog held before lunch. Having stood near the water a good couple of hours, we decided to climb the hill.

16.Podnyalis to a height of fifty meters and a completely different picture. Milk River flows through the river bed. The height of the fog, respectively, the density exceeds the limit, the opposite shore is not visible.

17. Another nice.

18. And another.


20. The whole field was covered with cobwebs autumn. Placers gems.

21.Sovershenstvo nature!

22.Raznoobrazie fauna.

23. Cats are not met. I had to settle for a wild squirrel, and for her to run, so the sharpness is lost.

24.V last weekend organized by the Russian competition.


26. More


28. These machines were perky and all other spectacular.

29.Snova nature.

30. Kalina red

31. Some debris.

32.GPS shows that are on the middle of the river.

33. Buoy confirms it.

34. Symmetry. This place no longer exists. Here the houses, so photo previous years.

35.Veselaya little family

36. It is already happy.

37.Ochen sorry village, three four years ago, they were full of life.

38. Sunset. The same photo is not this year, because the construction of truckers.

39.fotografiruyut photographer.

40. Railroad to nowhere. Earlier on it I went three times a day formulation.

41.Vot and autumn.

42. End.



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