A bit of "fun" youth early 90s

I do not want to offend anyone that'll write, and do not claim that everything is fun, but the time in which I grew up was not the easiest for the country and practically: universal poverty among the working families of children to provoke questionable entertainment. Not to say that everything was really bad, and all the polls were bullies. All the fun as we could: playing "knives", hide and seek, hide and seek and many other games ... But there were many of those who entertained a different, not quite right. That's what I'd like to remember. And even among today's young people are also missing "prominent personalities", but all the same a lot of fun in the past, or at least almost never occur. All this I remembered a time when I was smoking in the entrance and thought that the repair was made long ago, and in the entrance of all as a pure, no "snot" of matches on the ceiling glass all integers, and so on. D. The truth emerged many other evils in the form of a witch, Spice, VKontakte and other things, but still something about this post, almost gone.

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Most probably harmless, but it's probably dangerous climbing in basements / attics, construction of small rooms where improvised, or simply the study of all that there is.

Above me "snot" as they were called, were probably all entrances. I confess, I am sinful, he did so.

Ignition of the buttons in the elevator, mailboxes and musorok also occurs often.

"Stucco" from the gum. We sculpted wherever possible, but priemuschestvenno in elevators.

That, unfortunately, not rare on the streets and doorways - addicts. Insane eyes and hanging sleeves, and constant bouts of hallucinations ...

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While writing forgot everything, so start your shpalomёty, I have everything, thank you for your attention!



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