Evenings in the garage

At 35 years old I was given a set. I will not name the brand, who should find himself. This is what happens.

33 photos will be

the client asked to refresh and eliminate scratches on the front seat. I say immediately outbid.

so plot looked

Then he wanted to create one more wheel.

so looks like my den.

do not forget to drip eyes :)

For other seats, was found scratch. glue too. (like Quick

so dalshe.nakryvaem all so as not to splash :).

Well vot.che on.? and! select krasku.smotrim that was similar. xXx doing here goes. there color formulas are written if you can see. shot to the eye

you still need to check.

mutim krasochki. do not be alarmed! she is not ready

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Black should add a few drops of

seems all


dry them. like hit

obezzhirivaem.tryapki by the way they are not dirty in the paint

Apply the adhesive layer and dry.

Refill translyukator and paintable.

Picture is blurred because I quickly made here so quickly


forgot about the wheel

here, too, blew


Picture all the curves and the curve becomes. not a bad thing for it. result

sorry bad photo

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