Truth and fiction about 180 vintage cars found

In the wake of the accordion.

So history to orbit the Internet in 2007: The New Yorker retired and decided to buy a house and zemelku in Portugal. The site was empty for 15 years, the owners have died. It was brewed with a garage door, but none of the buyers did not want to see it in the garage.
A resident of New York bought the land at half price, and eventually drove cut the door to the garage. As it turned out in the garage?

Photos real, but the story - fiction.

Someone invented stories about a retired businessman who accidentally bought a farm with a mountain of machines that cost the state. By bike attached photograph of vintage cars in the dust, apparently struck in the garage than a dozen years.

Now the sequel.
Tom Cotter: I do not believe for a second story. Huge collection does not appear in a moment. It was just a random collection rather than a bunch of cars. You can not accidentally sell the farm and forget to mention such a collection.
Tom Cotter should run to find the truth in the history of the machines. Ultimately, Kotter tracked photographer Manuel Menezes Morais, who was hired by the collector to take photographs in the garage, and photos of which flew over millions of car enthusiasts monitors.

The story that hides behind the fiction.

Manuel Menezes Morais took photos, but promised not to reveal the location of the garage and the owner's name. However, with the permission of the owner, he added the following:
Owner - car dealer in the 70-80, he decided to save the most interesting items in this way. Morais said that the owner of a garage stuffed cars as he could and then brewed door. Machinery gathered dust for decades. In the words of Morais, cars about 180. And, horror of horrors, they are not sold.


The report is finished;)
Yes, the link you can see more than 50 photos of this joy. I still did not post. Bayan all the same.



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