Things that I can not understand

There are things that I can not understand. For example, how to construct the universe. Even after reading all the books Stivín Hawking can not accept the idea that the universe is so big. A black hole? A big explosion? The mind boggles. Or else, why are released en masse to shore whales. I read many versions, but do not believe them. I think that whales know something that we do not know. Still I can not understand how it is possible to turn from the third row, not to include turn signal or bypass the plug on the side. What are these processes occur in a person's head? I think it's impossible to explain.

There is for me another mystery. Why, when you fully load the video on YouTube, and it looked a little rewind want it, bitch starts to re-boot. WHY? I think the device Yutuba player - this is one of the greatest mysteries of our time.
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