In Moldova banned Victory Day

In the capital of Moldova, veterans forbidden to celebrate Victory Day on the main square of Chisinau. Now there will be May 9 to celebrate Europe Day. The corresponding decree was signed by Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca of the republic.

"After a series of significant events, which allowed Moldova closer to the European Union, I believe that next year you must celebrate Europe Day at a time when it makes the whole of Europe - 9 May," - said Chirtoaca, adding "those who want to celebrate On this day, another holiday may do so elsewhere, but not in the central square of Chisinau. "

Chirtoaca urged to follow this example and other cities, which sent the appropriate request to the Parliament. Answering journalists' questions, he suggested that the conflicts on this issue will soon cease, as well as disputes regarding the state language, recalling that on the eve of the Constitutional Court declared the state language Romanian, Moldovan and not, as stated in the constitution.

However, this decision has already condemned the Communist Party, the largest in the country, and other opposition forces.

"We will not allow steal veterans holy feast of Victory Day, which really becomes a" holiday with tears in his eyes, "just tears no joy of victory and the bitterness of resentment," - said the chairman of the parliamentary commission on national minorities leader of the party "Revival" Vadim Mishin .

Note, this year organized by the Russian Embassy in Moldova concert to the Victory Day gathered more than 40 thousand people from all over the country, ITAR-TASS reported. Before them on the main square of Chisinau made by the national artist of Russia Iosif Kobzon and Lev Leshchenko and Academic song and dance ensemble of internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry. Special congratulations to the veterans came to Chisinau Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.




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