10 is denied to a screening of the documentary

Movies literally changes the perception of life and you will never be thought of as before. Share with your friends and see until it was removed!

1.Mirovoy conspiracy - the secret world government h6> - FILM banned in the United States em>

The film is about who rules the ball on the planet? From this movie, you know who manages economic crises, armed conflict, ruining the whole country. Having seen this film, you will know: who believes our country is just a toy, "a pawn on the chessboard", while the population of the country together with you no more than biomass - a herd of animals and what is your country's government.

2. The documentary "Nord Ost» h6> - FILM BANNED from being shown in RUSSIA em>

Terror in Moscow, a documentary about the hostage-taking at a Moscow theater by terrorists from Chechni.V by award based on the evidence of surviving eyewitnesses, transcribed records of negotiations, not previously demonstrate shooting storming the building and its results, and most importantly, a unique video, which was conducted by one of the militants your camcorder.

3. The Devil's Double h6> - very strict film, but worth to see! Em>

The film is based on real events, which describes the life of Prince Ude Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein. Recognition of the power ... ... Too much money ... What else might need "prince" who has everything? Is that a double.

On it you can shove the whole routine, and in dangerous situations he will take the brunt. But look-alike not go unrewarded ...

4. Zero h6> - FILM BANNED from being shown in RUSSIA em>

"Zero" - a blatant criticism of Putin's regime - Chronicle of Lost Time. The film tells the unvarnished corruption, censorship, emergency lights, emigration and immigration, resource economics, and much more about what the central television talk is not accepted.

5. «House» h6> - FILM banned in 36 countries em>

This film has caused a flurry of comments just in contact. Very qualitative survey Luc Besson and environmental problem did their job.

6. "Loose Change» h6> - FILM banned in the US! Em>

The film tells about who and why is arranged on 11 September. If you have not seen this film, you probably will be shocked. Facts in the picture simply irrefutable.

7. "Thieves in Law» h6> - banned in RUSSIA! Em>

From the first person thieves tell how they have been doing business in Russia it all began and what happened and is happening in reality.

8. "Kursk - a submarine in troubled waters» h6> - banned in RUSSIA! Em>

The film reveals the mystery of the sunken submarine "Kursk". This could be the beginning of World War III ...

9. "Blowing Up Russia» h6> - banned in RUSSIA em>

You remember the attacks? Journalists have been investigated, but the results of this better hide as deep as possible.

10. "I and others» h6> - FILM BANNED from being shown in the USSR em>

A documentary filmed in Soviet times, talks about how people are susceptible to the opinion of the crowd. You - a person or just someone's copy? Look very interesting ...


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