Cemetery aircraft or paradise metallolomschikov.

In 2011, it closed one of the oldest airports in Moscow - "bull" was built in 1933. Older than it was only the Central airfield them. Frunze built in 1910 at the Khodynka, which also ceased to exist in this century. Looking airport grounds with satellite maps, I noticed a group of aircraft away from the runway, that is clearly no longer used and are in storage. Now it remains for small, to come back and see with your own eyes. Moreover, the airport is not working, and most likely protected somehow, and therefore, the problems to exposure to the aircraft should not be.

Gathering on the road to Bykovo all plugs that were we got to the place in just a couple of hours before dark. The weather, too, had no luck, constantly going to rain. But as I expected, to get to the plane was elementary.

45 photos saoirse-2010

The first aircraft appeared exactly at the point where the coordinates are shown with satellite maps. True, the picture there were two, but in reality there was only one.


02. And here is a group of three aircraft that was supposed to be a kilometer away from this side moved closer and acquired another machine. So that the number of abandoned aircraft on a satellite map and actually coincided.


03. First, not aircraft on our way was the IL-76TD.


04. Since the tail number was known, it is possible to know some details about the machine. This aircraft was released in December 1982 for the Soviet Air Force. Native its modification of IL-76MD (modernizirovanyj remote). As a military transport plane, this board flying for 10 years.


05. After the collapse of the USSR the aircraft was in Ukraine, where in 1993 he was sent to storage. Standing for two years began to use the plane again, first one year in the Ukraine, and then after conversion to IL-76, it started to operate in Russia.


06. IL-76 (transport long-range) on the fact of a civil variation of IL-76MD easy without military equipment. In Russia, the plane airline exploited "Aviast" that after seven years of flight has left its deposit at the airport Bykovo. The aircraft has since no longer flying, but he was able to go through their airline, which was closed in 2008.


07. It's time to climb into the plane. The door was not locked and we like decent people, we went through it.


08. Inside reigns mess, but that does not stop to assess the rather big size of the cargo compartment. Its length along the ramp 24, 5 meters, width 3, 4 meters and a height of 3 to 5 m.


09. The maximum payload of the aircraft was 50 tonnes and take this burden he could 3 650 km.


10. Cover the container emergency raft someone ripped out and carefully put right next to the front door.


11. Well, take a look at another part of the cargo and move into the cabin.


12. From the cabin there is little that is left. All the equipment and even the floor - was dismantled. Only the co-driver seat in its place.


13. Thus the aircraft operated by a crew of 7 people, so before there was quite a lot of equipment.


14. In the technical compartment near the cabin has an operational emergency hatch that leads outside.


15. Climbing up through the hatch can be run on top of the aircraft, but because of the rain the fuselage was very slippery and I did not do that.


16. As it turned out, a few days after our visit, the IL-76 has been broken down and removed.


17. We now turn to a group of four airplanes standing in storage. All of them were made Yakovlev. Yak-42D - short-haul passenger aircraft, which first saw the sky 26 years ago. The aircraft replaced the Yak-42 and corrected, a number of his obvious discomfort. By the way, the plane was released in the same year when the Yak-42D made its first flight.


18. 5 years ago this board regularly flew, then the airline "Elbrus-Avia" sent it to the store in 2008. A year later, the airline was covered because of debts and the aircraft was arrested. If you believe the Internet Yak-42D put up for sale. So if someone wants to buy the plane, let prepare 33,759,000 rubles.


19. The condition inside, of course, better than the previous silt, but still bad.


20. Of the 120 economy class seats only three.


21. The rear entrance ramp.


22. If you open the door in the rear with the inscription "stewing in the land", it is possible to see such intertwining tubes.


23. What can and what I do not know, so move into the cabin.


24. To manage the Yak-42D were only two people.


25. However, this aircraft is unlikely to fly, it is likely to suffer the fate of its neighbor - IL-76TD.


26. From the windows on the left side views of the other aircraft in the sump.




28. Another Yak-42D Airlines "Elbrus-Avia».


29. Engines from it has been removed, so I would not be surprised if he goes under the knife.


30. The aircraft was released two years later in 1989 the previous year. On the deposit of its left in the same year as the nearby Yak-42D in 2008.


31. The condition of the aircraft was better than the previous two.


32. Unfortunately, the cabin is also already badly damaged.




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