Dalai Lama: "Aliens are the same as we are, even if they differ in appearance"

Dalai Lama: "Aliens are the same as we are, even if they differ in appearanceĀ»
The spiritual leader called on preparing for emergency meeting with the aliens.
This writes pefata.ro
Invited to the University of Portland (Oregon), to address the students with a speech about the universe and man's place in such a vast area, the Dalai Lama appealed to the subject of aliens. It was a shock, especially since it was the performance of one of the leaders of mankind, since, as is well known, the identity of this magnitude for various reasons, avoid the topic.
The spiritual leader had the opportunity to talk to students and not only to them that the great encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization is not so far away. His ideas were really shocking, because he encouraged the students to be ready for the moment when they learn of visitors from other galaxies, writes efemeride.ro.
"In the end we will take visitors from another galaxy. These are the same people. Maybe slightly different in appearance, but in fact, the same. Those sentient beings. We must understand that the newcomers - are beings who feel things in the same way as we are, even if they differ in appearance, "- said the Dalai Lama.
The purpose of this speech was to emphasize that, regardless of the physical appearance of the aliens, they are beings with the same feelings as we do. This fact contains a warning that they should be treated with kindness, even if they look different. It is an interesting and an indication of the Dalai Lama, that the time of the meeting will be a shock to most people, because the appearance of these intelligent creatures can be traumatic.
Thus, we can say that the first time humanity is ready for the moment that changed his life from all points of view. Such a meeting requires responsibility and in a sense, changes outlook on life. No one can say exactly when the meeting will occur. Perhaps when mankind is ready, and it involves a lot of things readiness.



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