Milonova escorted from Kosovo

Petersburg deputy Vitaly Milonova banned from entering Kosovo.Kak told in the press service of the MP, today, January 20, Vitaly Milon six activists held a rally on the Kosovo-Serbian border: he unfolded a banner reading "Kosovo - Serbia is the occupants get out!" . The deputies blocked the traffic on the road between Serbia and Kosovo.

On duty at the border of NATO forces from France, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark reacted immediately: they pointed their machine guns at the St. Petersburg parliamentarians and twitching closures, forced him to stop the action. "Gunpoint Milonova Vitali and his activists held a roadblock - told the press service. - All Albanians put a stamp in the passport, which indicates that these people - persona non grata in Kosovo will not be able to enter more than ever. But Milon will try to appeal the decision, including through the official channels of the Serbian Orthodox Church ยป.

On the eve of Vitaly Milon held a reception of citizens in Kosovska Mitrovica and opened the Russian human rights organization for the Orthodox Serbs.




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