Recall: What's with the heroes of fighters 90

I invite you to remember the legendary actors who have become symbols of militant 90s. All of them continue to be removed and to this day, but the peak of their glory was, of course, in the 90s of the last century.
Purposely omitted from the list of Schwartz, Sly, Seagal and Van Damme, which is still more or less at the hearing, not least thanks to the franchise "The Expendables».

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Chuck Norris

Today, Norris became the online legend - the standard of strength and courage. And it happened at a time when the artist is just tied to the film career. In 2005 he came posledniytelefilm a steep Walker and Chuck had to retire, but the network has a funny facts about the actor, to make young people think about the past hero. Chuck sued wishing to publish a book of jokes about it, but the Internet proved to be the glory of his hand. Norris offered to star in advertising «Warcraft», simulators and political promotions, lead author's column on the website of news, visit US soldiers in Iraq, and finally return to the screen in "The Expendables 2". Recently, something terrible happened: Norris shaved off his mustache.

Mark Dacascos

In the nineties, thanks to a native of Hawaii, the world learned that capoeira is, and how an assassin could mourn his every victim. Years later Dacascos without work remained. It is time to understand that it is possible to go on TV. Now Marc - one of the villains of the police series "Hawaii 5.0", and the idol of housewives fans show "Iron Chef." In this program, Dacascos is the lead referee for applicants for the title of best chef.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Japanese, threatened to take away the souls of the heroes of "Mortal Kombat", seemed the personification of evil in action movies of the nineties. The last ten years Tagawa interrupted by episodic roles, but there were exceptions, such as the film "Hachi: A Dog's Tale." Now, in the career of the actor came a streak of light. Firstly, he guest-star series "Revenge." Secondly, Tagawa came together with Keanu Reeves in the fantasy thriller "47 Ronin". By the way, a couple of years ago, Cary-Hiroyuki traveled on post-Soviet space. We cast he gave a master class at the Festival "Youth", and in Russia - was looking for a bride to show "Let's get married."

Eric Roberts

Fifteen years ago, the heroes of the animated series "South Park" announced that Eric Roberts nobody cared. Indeed, the second half of the nineties career senior brataDzhulii Roberts began to decline - qualitatively, but not quantitatively. This year, Eric goes about forty films, some he even plays a major role. Roberts tried to run his own reality show in which celebrities zahazhivali used in its bar, but then the pilot did not get. Eric is unlikely to have a bright kinobuduschee, but the first successes in film making his only daughter, Emma.

Michael Dudikoff

At one time, he was the star of the franchise Dudikoff "American Ninja" and the television series "Cobra", to contribute to the golden collection of second-rate fighters. In 2002 he ceased to appear at all, having been engaged in teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This year Dudikoff first time in many years, appeared on the screen - it has a tiny role in the thriller "Olympus Has Fallen '. Recently, the actor said he wants to play at least someone in the third, "The Expendables." He also is an online resource, which tells the story of the family, his love for the actor's case, martial arts and philosophy. "The power in simplicity" - writes Dudikoff in one of the sections of the site.

Cynthia Rothrock

Eighties and nineties were a time of not only undisturbed inflated film characters, but not inferior to them in the power of women. His place in the industry, and then found a blond Cynthia Rothrock, five-time champion in karate. However, the success it has achieved not in his home state, and in Hong Kong, she appeared in the films "Evil for the good", "Dragon Lady", "Tiger Claws" and others. When the female version of Bruce Lee on the screen was not needed, Rothrock do what she does best - martial arts. She successfully teaches karate in their own school in California.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Don Wilson eleven-times world champion in kickboxing and was shot eight times in the tape series "Blood Fist". Born in America athlete actor he believes he could become as famous as Jet Li and Jackie Chan, though he had an Asian accent. Today, Don makes a living by selling T-shirts with his image and the occasional filming in the movie, which he calls poor. He also dreams of one day to realize the project "Team B" - a film in which the stars would gather the best of the old second-class fighters.

Frank Zagarino

Poluboks Bleached and pale skin did Frank Zagarino one of the most recognizable actors of low-budget action and horror. Trilogy "project" Hunter shadow "," in which he played a cyborg albino - the most famous of fifty film credits Zagarino. He starred be in even more movies, but take up very small role, the actor did not want to. The last six years Zagarino not work in the movie, though, and keep fit. No matter, he is not sitting: Frank runs his own firm rental projectors.

Lorenzo Lamas

When the series "Renegade" was completed on the fifth season of the show's main stars Lorenzo Lamas fallen on hard times. For several years he was interrupted by unobtrusive work on TV, while in 2004 has not passed the casting for a role in one of the longest American telemelodram - "The Bold and the Beautiful." In 2009, Lorenzo, along with ex-wife and children appeared in the reality show "Life Lamas", but to no avail: the program shut down before the end of the season. Today, artists continue to work in big movies and episodes on TV, now as Lamas-Craig. The second part of the names Lorenzo borrowed from the new spouse.

Dolph Lundgren

Our viewers loved Lundgren after the role of the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in "Rocky 4". Fortunately, the Swedish actor's career did not end there. He shot each year, and zero in the middle and he acted as director. Lundgren was among the first called to the film "The Expendables." Dolph now preparing for the premiere of the third part, and tried himself in the role of a leading television show "The race is on the scene" in which participants will recreate famous scenes from the movies.



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