A very good example of how to relate to their work

Every man has his place in life, and Viktor just proves it. Funny, charismatic and polite conductor honored with the title of the best conductor of the city, his book for comments and suggestions for the most part completed, and only good words, and his Olympic trolley even wrote newspaper.

Viktor Petrovich, before becoming a conductor in "Gorelectrotrans" changed a lot of work. Major stock, he has worked as a teacher and labor, and a street sweeper, assistant warden, fitter at the Petrovsky stadium, while collecting all the matches after banks and handing them to reception points, and eventually their hard work to save up for a small one-room apartment.
However, the house Viktor could not sit, and so he went to work, first in carbs, where he became the first 9 months of the year the best conductor, and then moved to the trolley. And he likes his work is connected with the people and to everyone he will approach, say hello, old people do not leave unattended, and often birds and treat candy, especially for this he keeps in his pocket candy bags. You can imagine how many people he pleases, just doing their job well, because of the day on this route runs more than 900 people.
Himself a champion of purity, Viktor puts to work always well ironed white shirt under a sports jacket, neatly cut their remarkable mustache, which often can not do without the attention passengers and rubbing his shiny badge conductor. Needless to say, that in the cabin trolley also always clean and tidy. Viktor devotes much attention, because he believes that there is nothing better than this job, and the people nice, and it worked well.
However, the conductor is not only trying to make people smile, and try to avoid sharp points or smooth, where a kind word, where an explanation, and where only tranquility, but also tries to make entering the cabin trolley people get a charge of vivacity and positive.
So, Viktor, breathless woman, ran a trolley, can say, "Yes, we came running to the Olympic champion! Let it clap, "and passengers did have her attention. Older people on his route often give way, as he calls this the passengers, saying that they gave way to the distinguished people of St. Petersburg.
Viktor has not bypassed the attention and the Olympics, make his trolley - Olympic. However, he went only a few times on the route, however, managed to please their passengers. First conductor hung sheet of A4 with the Olympic rings, but only signed as colored markers was not, then did the same normal, as expected, and hung up the Russian flag, and often informs the victories of our team, if the time to recognize them.
Now one of the finest conductors of our city continues to work on his route from Mineral Street, which at the Finland Station, and to the Baltic Station. Unfortunately, he is not married, but a lot of time to his ex-wife recently adopted a little girl, the only one of 5 brothers and sisters who have not taken away by relatives. However, a good man can be seen immediately, and such people never lost ».




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