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Only in Russia, the country's total off-road might appear that .... Mega Gazelle called "Kerzhak»

But seriously, before you all terrain vehicle "Kerzhak" that a football player Kerzhakov irrelevant. Due to low pressure tire machine can overcome the hardest off-road, and even a little swim. The machine has a four-wheel drive to 4x4 and 6x6, depending on the line-up. The body is used by the family of gazelles, especially fun to watch "Kerzhak" with the body of the bus, such monst pulls to a stop, allegedly 50p nose and loose to the home as a show of big feet. Well, move on to serious things, to move the motor drive all terrain vehicle to choose from, ie the machine can stand ZMZ-406, 405 or GAZ-560 - whatever you like to the client. Transmission, 5, Art. Mechanics from the same gazelles. Razdatka, proven over the years, from the GAZ-66, a machine default wheel drive, front axle connected on request. Bridges installed on the tractor MTZ-82 (front), the bridge itself provides a very decent ground clearance (still, because the tractor can not be crawling on the ground). Pendants by car-dependent, spring. Tires addition to the low ground pressure, are approved on the public road. A little about Conforti, the services of the passengers can be Conde and heater. And for the operation will be useful, additional tanks and a tire inflation system, all on long runs across the steppes and tundra not too much.

Technical data:

Weight of the equipped machines: 2600 kg
Capacity: 1000 kg
Overall dimensions - length: 5700 mm / Width: 2,830 mm / height: 2800 mm
Ground clearance: 700 mm
Model Engine ZMZ-406
Engine Power: kW (hp) / rpm 72, 2 (98) at 5200
Engine torque: kg / rpm 17, 3500 at 5
Transmission: 5-a graduated.
Transfer case: 2-stage, center differential lock forced
Main transmission: with self-locking. differential
Wheel gear: double bevel gear
Suspension: Independent, spring
Number of places: 6
Tires: 1300 x 700
Maximum speed: on the highway: 85 km / h / water: 5 km / h

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