Asher recognized as the most expensive breed of cats in the world

Asher recognized as the most expensive breed of cats in the world

Cat coexisted for thousands of years with a man, and has long been the most common animals. Even the ancient Egyptians kept at their temples these beautiful and graceful animals. Nowadays, scientists are trying to bring all the new breeds and varieties. One of these was the breed Asher, bred in the United States and is by far the most expensive representative of the cat family.

This exclusive available not for everyone, the cat reaches a weight of 14 kg and height of one meter. Such a cute leopard home, because surely you once in my life the envy of paintings depicting oriental rulers and lying at their feet panthers and tigers. And now, why not show off with a predatory animal on the street ?! Still not a leopard, and color similar, but, according to geneticists, flexible character, as in the pedigree are ordinary pets. In addition to the common ancestors of cats ushers are also African serval and the Asian leopard cat.

So if you want to buy one out of a hundred individuals and raise this cute kitten at home, then cook for $ 25,000 and your pet. And breeders are willing to even give a guarantee for a year, sadly, but it seems we have reached the time when the guarantee is issued not only to inanimate objects, but also on living beings


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