Actors in action (21 photos)

Photographer Howard Schatz gives the actor "install" / situation and asks to represent facial expressions befitting time. It turns out a scene in a single photo.

Ian McShane

1. You prosecutor with great political ambitions. You are on the loud trial on murder and chief witness for the defense just said too much and you can catch him in a lie ...
2. You are a former Marine. You get home from the gym and you are attacked by a robber with a knife. You think to yourself "man, you yourself have no idea who you contacted» ...
3. You look at the TV broadcast of the race "Formula 1". In the race for the first time involved your son, who had just crashed into a fence. It pulled out of the car and the commentator says, "it does not move» ...

Chevy Chase

1. You have just seen that the woman next to you opened his cloak, and under it there is nothing

2. You have just heard your teenage daughter shows off her friends that she was "something which itself put an earring" ... 3,203,673

Edie Falco

1. You are a mother who think how to explain to their children that the parents disagree
2. You are a little girl who tells her mother that her twin brother said a bad word

Martin Landau

1. You see a shootout in their quiet, tree-lined street in Brooklyn
2. You listen to toast friends at a party on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of your wedding

Bill Pullman

1. After lengthy negotiations, countless phone calls and endless rehearsals your agent calls you to say that your role
2. The next day he called back: the role of the director changed his mind and gave another

Fred Willard

1. You jailer, who have just been informed about the unrest in the third building of the prison. Prisoners killed two guards and four others being held hostage. Instigator of rebellion - a serial killer, who is serving four life imprisonment.
2. Are you a realtor and your work are very bad. You look like a potential customer ponders the contract under which he would buy for big money non-existent home and think to yourself, "sign up, do not read. Signed, do not read it! »

Don Cheadle

1. You hear how some guy at the bar said something indecent about your wife to his friend
2. You understand that in fact he meant her sister

David Paymer

1. You are the owner of the diner. You stretch the money from the cash register addicts who you put a gun to his chest.
2. You mobsters, you send your Kostolomov visit baseball player who has not fulfilled agreement. "I was dead, he does not need, but I want to baseball, he never in his life is no longer played. Clear? »

Charles Dutton

1. You are a businessman, who returned from a long trip. Your wife greets you especially pleasant and intimate way.
2. You are a small businessman, you have just realized that your brother pocketed all the proceeds.
3. The player at the races, to their ears in debt stuck ruthless bookie. The horse on which you have set, just ahead of favorite race and at the finish line.

Ellen Burstyn

1. You fifty-something years old, you are a middle manager, you have worked long enough in the company. You just learned that after the merger, you will remain without work.
2. The teacher of acting, just what you have heard, how to get the "Oscar" actress thanked you live.
3. Offended woman

Patrick Stewart

1. You hear how your daughter and wife yelling at each other over dinner in honor of Thanksgiving
2. You are a middle-aged accountant who pretty young colleague just said, "You're awfully sexy».
3. You are a big company CEO. You know that on board you will probably approve a substantial raise.
4. Are you the owner of a small restaurant, things which are not very good. You shout two rooftop you rekitiram "all bloodsuckers, no longer get a penny!»

Alan Cumming

1. You four years and you just released from a cage parrot family.
2. You four years and you turn a deaf ear reproaches mom upset disappearance parrot
3. You persuading his girlfriend to go with you to visit your parents
4. The man who betrayed

Natasha Richardson

1. You are a woman who realizes that her relationship with her beloved man lead nowhere.
2. The former school "stuffed", the current rock star. You go to his limousine for the reunion.
3. You are a computer genius who just broke database teacher of English and has set itself five for graduation test.

Hugh Laurie

1. You are an exemplary family man and a good father. You dine with his wife, when your 15-year-old daughter declares to you that she is pregnant.
2. You are a young designer. In the morning before his first show you understand that your collection is not ready to show and no "amazing" things it does not.
3. You are an arrogant narcissist MP of the British Parliament. You utter speech that live broadcasting the BBC and you scared of rushing sound of his own voice.

David Strethern

1. You 9-year-old boy who first hears from his 16-year-old brother, where babies come from.
2. You exalted evangelist, exclaiming during a sermon: "Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you! »
3. You are a former athlete. You are incredibly angry at the judge who ordered a penalty for a foul your 7-year-old son.

Joan Allen
1. You heiress multimillion-dollar state. You will learn that your young husband had an affair with a young lady even more. Standing in front of a mirror do not you think if you facelift.
2. You are the first woman in the history of US defense minister. You meet with the Chairman of the Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who a day earlier on CNN called you "a very nice young lady».
3. You chairwoman aggressive advertising agency, excoriate his deputy who could not get a contract Cialis (Viagra analogue). "You're such a bashing that you must be very on billboards Cialis necessary !!»

John Goodman
1. You are a nerd, flirt with a girl from a support group and uncomprehending that any chance of success you do not.
2. You are leaving the nursing home, where your wife is. For the first time she did not recognize you when you come.
3. You are the coach of the university basketball team, yelling at the judge. You know that if you remove your guys will play more aggressively.

John Leguzamo

1. You hostage heard in the next room tortured your friend. You understand that you are following.
2. You 4-year-old boy on a walk in the new "realistic" Dinosaur Park. You have just been "licked" 50-ton mechanical brontosaurus.
3. You heroin addict, persuade the dealer to give you a dose of duty. You chesslovo return the money to him.

John Malkovich

1. You are a naive young actress, you recently in Hollywood. Your agent just called you and said that you took on the role in a big movie, the scenario in you will be in love with George Clooney.
2. You builder. Together with his friends at work you sit at a construction site and going to lunch. You scream sexy girl passing by, "Hey, babe, you want to see what's in my box for breakfast?»
3. You midlevel drug dealer, you have to dick more money mafia boss. Your messenger just told you that "suddenly the wind came and blew away two bags of cocaine you."

Whoopi Goldberg

1. You are an exemplary wife of TV evangelist. You have just found out that your husband was having an affair with a man on a call and press knows about it.
2. You are a rich aunt Fifth Avenue, you wish "Merry Christmas" Switzerland, who never give a tip.
3. You Barbara Walters, you interview recently divorced actress. You ask her about the last movie, and then immediately asked, "You were very hurt by what he left you to the young?»

Michael Douglas

1. You are unhappy father, who disappeared two months ago, a daughter. You called the police to identify the body of a young girl. The coroner pulls the sheet and you realize that it's not your daughter.
2. You are a little boy on the freak show. You look like izpirsingovanny guy eats cockroaches.
3. You are a 14 year old girl who has just opened the bedroom door without knocking his 18-year-old sister. Sister there had sex with her boyfriend.

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