Chronicle experimental development VAZ (25 pics + text)

WHA! How much ztom sound for ... (abusive maxims as not constructive - will not be accepted!)
If you do not dissemble, the Design Center vazovskoy always walked vnogu over time, and sometimes even a quarter of a pitch and advanced. Nonetoroplivost and "thoroughness" of our engineering-tehnologicheskihpodrazdeleny every project turns into fifteen "unfinished" .In result, we have what we have ... but start:

work on new machines to expand the lineup of "VAZ" began immediately, as soon as earned Design Bureau. In parallel with the adaptation to the conveyor «FIAT-124" in Russian harsh operating conditions, the designers of the Volga car factory began to develop "minicar" (among themselves calling it "Cheburashka"), "Descendants" which began to produce only in the 80s in the form of "Oka ».
In ztom prototype, the first under the symbol "1101" except explicit stylistic borrowing from "Daihatsu", traces of the future "Niva". 1971god:

In 1974, the terms of reference have already been formed on razrabotkumalolitrazhki that would have changed the assembly line "Fiat". Cars "Volkswagen" in the mid-70s gained popularity in Europe, poetomuneudivitelno that this experimental model is similar to the 'German »:

Prototypes minicars series "1101" with the time growing up. This project has grown to the size of the future "ZAZ-1102" (and later became the basis for "Tavria"). Also muzzle a la "Passat" can be seen that the design of "Bochin" and side windows already resemble "vosmёru." Intra name, for some reason - "Ladoga". 1976:

That, by the way, and a sketch of the late 70's, early 80's with the appearance of the future "Sputnik»:

The first years of the 80s and the last Soviet power were marked by slogans about "economical economy" and "Scientific and technological progress" ("NTP"). On ztoy wave in the design office of VAZ initiate the development of "national economy" cars on the electric, wearing the overall index "2802". Vida were very diverse, from this unpretentious "electric vehicle" early '80s ...:

... To such a stylish doors "for Ford Cargo" mid-80s:

And then came the "Perestroika", Mikhail wail about "zkakonodatili automod 'and designers released a fantasy of freedom:

In ztom layout of 80 is clearly visible, where "tithe" went:

And then came the era of "biodesign." Early 90's, the most "smyshlёnye" designers fled, and the rest were "do". For example, mikroavtomobilchik with the motor from "Oka" - "Dwarf» ...:

... Or open the electric version - "Elf»:

Of course, riding a result of fermentation of yogurt in the minds of "VAZ" design concept was "Rapan" (surely self-sufficient "thing in itself»):

Of course, against the backdrop of "Rapa" project "Peter Turbo" (borrowed its name from the story Aksenov "The Island of Crimea") looked almost balanced almost stylish almost classic:

"Peter Turbo" Rear:

Proclaimed "Ford" style "New Age" has forced designers "VAZ", not only to renew the future "Kalina", and try to write something new in this art direction. Here, in particular, the minicar "more * * Oka", composed by the turn of the century, under the symbol (if anyone guessed) «1120»:

Attempts to give a "second life" "fiatovskoy" the old platform to the new body resulted in a stillborn project "neoclassic" under the symbol "2151" and with a single body type "Universal" (as, by the way, and the current "Fiat Crom»):

Visit Again: if the car went into production in 2002, while it was true ...

Interesting stuff: in Design tsentrk "AvtoVAZ" there were people who adopted the idea of ​​"neoclassical" literally, as the creators of the new "Beetle" ... This "neoretro" ... Plasticine layout "2151", "regenerating" style "original" VAZ-2102. Project estessno, was hacked to death at once ...

"NeoDvoyka" Rear view:

More "zealous" designers trying to restore youth "classic" method proven over the years of socialism: to renew the face (and ass):
(the frame to "YaP" kazhisya, seen, but for the sake of completeness and readability, I will not the "link" to do! Spectators should respect!)


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