Metropolitan behalf of LV Mulyarchik (20 photos)

City Lebedian Lipetsk region is known for the fact that here is the largest in Eastern Europe juice factory, but not everyone knows that live and work here, perhaps the most unique metrostroevets Leonid Mulyarchik.

The day before yesterday we went to visit Leonid your own eyes to look at his work. Find it "underground" is not difficult. On the hill you can see the house, the staircase (for approval of construction of which took nearly 2 years), a kiosk (the administration did not give permission for its opening because of the power lines above it), gray door on the right - the very entrance to the subway.

Nearby, on the banks of the Don, you can see the homemade wheel lift. Leonid was still double-decked ship, but he recently sold it (accidentally found a buyer), in order to buy a Niva.

The depth of the "underground" - only 2 meters from the ground. Construction began in 1984. Leonid created a society where gladly signed up 166 people, but knowing that the payment for the work is expected only after the subway will be built to pay dividends, all instantly refused to work. Recent work has been slow and difficult, well, just think - all built by one person. Here is the entrance hall to the "station" is high ceilings and plastered limestone walls.

Homemade concrete mixer for mixing the solution. Everywhere conducted business (12 V) and constant (220 volts) electricity. Generally, this metro has all the necessary documents and permits. In addition to the transport function is supposed to hold water, sewers and fire hydrants for all residents of the area.

Go to the main tunnel. The design of the arches stand on the surface of the passage 60-ton truck (there is a conclusion of the expert committee). In the main tunnel vault height of about 150 cm.

Here is left in place for the construction of the wall of the shaft of the neighbor's house (they also want to spend the subway to his house).

Expansion joint and homemade shield prednaznaznachenny cementing vaults. All cement was purchased retired Leonid, brick limestone burned here in the boiler room.

The distance is the slaughter. Because on the surface at this point is a ravine, then had to go deep into the ground. On average 1 meter tunnel tunneling takes one day, and 3 days for cementing vault.

Specially created for mine excavation. As soon as you passed the gully (there are still about 20 meters), there will be delivered to the lobby entrance.

Mining tunnel. Here on a plan to move the builder will have specially designed trolley for transportation of 3-4 passengers. They should be fully automated - pressed, drive to the right place.

We pass through the main tunnel about 100 meters and turn left at the first technical tunnel. Here is a pumping station, which pumps water from a well located 70 meters away. Hitched reed switches on the handset switched on and off the pump automatically. A little further is visible boiler. This small boiler capable to heat only 4 houses. Place a large boiler 20 homes left to the right.

And for that you can go down the stairs from home metrostroevtsy the boiler room. Conveniently fact.

Walk another 20 meters on the main tunnel, you can look at the flyover electrified, creating lifting trolley with the ground surface. With the creation of mine, which I described above, the need for a flyover disappeared. Upstairs there is a garage.

On the other side of the tunnel main abuts the slaughtering too. Here, too, left just about 30 meters and put the lobby. Left out auxiliary tunnel.

Left latrine pit for roasting limestone.

Since then began the construction of the tunnel.

The vaults are very low, the height of about one meter. Since he Leonid short, it is more comfortable than us.

Go back to the main entrance to a parallel tunnel. Such are the demands of fire safety. Here, too, the walls and ceilings are plastered. Leonid have an interesting idea - to invite young people here for the club parties. Psychedelic parties under the ground - it's cool. There's even a space for male and female toilet, washbasin and a bar.

And here is the Leonid, we are inside the kiosks, which can be reached from the ground. On the TV, you can see the image with the camera in front of the entrance, everything is under control.

With the opening of the kiosk just got bad luck. In the early 90s the top stretched electrical wires, Leonid saw them stretch, but a stall at the time was not planned. Now buffer zone power lines - 10 meters, within them can not be equipped outlets. Tomorrow he will go to the administration to address this issue. Right frame student_geolog.

Here's a he, Lebedyanskiy Metrostroy. No sponsors, only remains to hope that their own forces, the main trunk tunnel finish and let the van. And before you know and tourists will catch up.



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