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Stockholm Metro, like Moscow, is not only a means of transportation, but also a work of art. Ckazochnye caves and grottoes, Greek sculpture and elements of classical architecture, wall reliefs and paintings, pop art, mosaic, art exhibitions, trains and men in skirts-controllers. And all this - the Stockholm subway.
In Stockholm I was passing through and only had an hour to descend into "the longest art gallery in the world." This time it was too little - each custom station wanted to study and consider in detail the hours ...

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The system of underground lines was opened October 1, 1950 and is currently the only one in Sweden. It looks like the entrance to the station "kungsträdgården metro station».

The station is located in the rocks at a depth of 34 meters under the ground. Registration stations engaged artist Ulrik Semuelson. He drew inspiration from the great palaces located in the vicinity of kungsträdgården metro station.

One trip costs about 120 rubles, which is expensive. If one ticket wants to pass a few people, you should contact your operator in the booth.

Tickets can be purchased at the machine or in the shops next to the metro.

The card can be replenished in vending machines using cash or credit card.

Design inclination of the escalator!

Lifts for disabled installed. They go slowly and smells they expected.

I rolled over several blue-line stations. It is the deepest and the most beautiful.


Platform kungsträdgården metro station. All stations have information panels, which show the route of the train, while it is waiting in minutes (next train is always displayed on the first line, the next two - the running of the second row). Upon arrival of the train on the scoreboard indicates the number of wagons.

The owner of the station can be considered redhead statue of a man who embodies the god of war. Also, the station is decorated with numerous architectural elements with antique motifs.


Giant prints on the walls.

Rocks are real, not decorative.

For example of this sculpture can be seen traces of the holes that were left from the times of tunneling.


Every year, hundreds of artists are the Stockholm metro their best work for the creation of an underground gallery. This is one of them.

Goat I checked - it's part of the station design, not the trick teens.

The escalator at the station "Solna Centrum».

The station was built in the rock at a depth of 36 meters under the ground.

The walls of the station are painted in red and green colors and painted drawings on the theme of social issues and environmental protection that are relevant in Sweden in the 70s of the last century.





Moving walkways to the station "T-Centralen».

The station is an interchange station with the same name on the red and green lines (forming a cross-platform interchange between). After a pedestrian crossing is connected to the main railway station and bus terminal in Stockholm.

The station is carved into the rock, arches are irregular in shape and not get off, just covered with a protective layer of sprayed concrete. Arch and bottom of the pylons are painted blue, painted blue vaults of stylized branches with leaves.


Station "radhuset" named after the town hall, the building is located above the surface.

Like many other stations blue line, "radhuset" is an organic architecture with unfinished rough surface on the natural systems of caves.

The station is decorated in the style of pop art with compositions baskets and wood in the wall, as well as artistic elements in the form of shoes hanging from the ceiling. Depending on the time of year in the Stockholm subway walk compositions of different lengths. In winter the cars more than in the summer. The arrows on the platform indicates the location where the train stops.


Every time the driver is looking in person as the doors close. The stations are no mirrors, not all monitors have a viewing platform and a tail.

Forgot the name of the station)

Total system includes the Stockholm subway lines to 100 stations on three lines with a total length of which is 105, 7 km. 48 underground stations, 52 surface stations or overhead.

The modern structure of C20.

Unlike the Moscow metro in Stockholm can be found supervisors. After passing turnstiles passengers have 90 minutes to get to the desired station. Maybe it's protection from the photographers? For days on end is not hanging in the subway?

The cars are small, light and comfortable. According to the arrangement of seats in Stockholm obviously do not know what station "Vykhino».

And this is - Aeroexpress airport. It is worth 1,200 rubles 25 minutes into the city center. Very expensive, but convenient. It comes with speeds of up to 200 km / h. However, even in tunnels with free Wi-Fi. Tickets purchased at the machine (center) for 1 minute.

If you buy a ticket from the controller, it will be released on 500 rubles more.

Inside comfort of cars like the "Sapsan" Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Any car with a "bar" and pleasant lighting. If the standard car is plenty of space, everything is always busy place. And next to the toilet.

And here he is.

Here's a tour of the Magic runaway subway Sweden. I recommend everyone to visit here definitely!



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