Russia isolating itself from the rest of the world for years, and perhaps decades - former US Ambassador

Russia's actions in Crimea cause enormous damage relations between Moscow and Washington

So says the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, said Tsenzor.NET referring to "Echo of Moscow┬╗.

Their actions detrimental to Russia in the first place itself. This opinion was Michael McFaul said in an interview with "Voice of America┬╗.

"This annexation isolate Russia from the rest of the world for years, maybe even decades. Even China does not support Russia in this action, no one believes it legitimate, "- he said. In this case, McFaul said that in the end will damage US-Russian relations. However, - said the former ambassador - what is happening can not be called "Cold War." Then, - said the diplomat - it was primarily an ideological struggle. At the same time, McFaul is convinced that the problem of Ukraine is still possible to solve by diplomatic means, if the diplomats will make appropriate efforts in this direction. And this course - said McFaul - they should follow to the end. Source:


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