Google Headquarters in Dublin

Offices of Google, as it is known not to like each other - working on the design of each set of architects and designers from around the world, creating a unique and inspiring atmosphere for work. In this photo essay, we will go to the highest commercial building in Dublin - The Montevetro. It is here that is the European headquarters of Google.

Famous guglianskaya culture embodied in such seemingly mundane things as the names of offices and meeting, which is, for example, "clown college" or "land of fun." It employs the representatives of 38 countries who speak 46 languages, the services of the company's employees own a gym, swimming pool, billiards and more, it can cause a storm of positive emotions so unusual for a production environment. Into Google, you have the opportunity to dine at a local coffee shops or have a beer in this pub, and all this without leaving the office. And of course, just walking is no longer fashionable, especially when there is a Segway. In general, Google has turned a real office dreams.



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