Looking to the future: How will look headquarters of major IT companies

Giants of the IT industry not only create our lives on the Internet, but also try to influence our lives in the real world. Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook are engaged in the construction of new headquarters for its companies that design and infrastructure are more like small towns of fiction magazines of the twentieth century.

The main objective of the creation of such futuristic campuses - is to show the world of the perfect space and innovation, which can later be used in the cities of the future. Now we briefly look at what each of future projects, and what contribution they can make to further technical progress.

Google and developed infrastructure h4>

The history of the main headquarters of the corporation Google, based in Mountain View has its origins in the distant 1998. Then it was a small office with 50 employees located in Silicon Valley. Now Googleplex includes 2 million sq. M. m. of office space, and this year it is planned to build another 1 million sq. m. m. area. The entire complex of buildings Googleplex created for maximum comfort both staff and guests of the company. Recreation centers, swimming pools, fitness centers, cafes and much more can be found at this location.

Up to this point the company is not engaged in the construction of its own, but only leased the building. Thus, the present complex includes five leased buildings originally built for the company Silicon Graphics.

The new project, which will deal with all the same NBBJ, will be primarily aimed at establishing an efficient workflow and private infrastructure. The building will be made 42 transition for fast interaction between employees. It will also build a private airport and a bridge connecting it with headquarters Google.

Closed Campus Apple h4>

Shortly before his death, Steve Jobs has agreed to build a new headquarters Apple Campus 2. The main phrase Steve just call the future of the project designer Norman Foster was: "Do not think of me as a customer, consider me a member of their team." Jobs wanted to match the future campus of the ideology - embodied functionality and had a perfect shape. The project design has developed Norman Foster, and the completion of construction is scheduled for 2016.

After showing the video presentation, a new campus in the press dubbed the name "Spaceship". Indeed, the new headquarters area of ​​260 sq. M. m. made in the form of a curved glass building which forms a kind of security ring looks fantastic. Apple Campus 2 is a closed system, which aims to create an ideal environment for employees, as long as they do not leave the confines of the campus.

Construction works on the principle of smart home. By solar and wind energy campus will be fully provided by renewable energy. The building will use its own ventilation and heating.

Environmental space Amazon h4>

Among stamped multi-storey buildings in Seattle, finished iron and glass so nice to look at something extending beyond the global architectural thought. It is in this creation is the new headquarters of Amazon, whose construction began in January 2014. The complex will include three office buildings, as well as eco-center - 25 meter building consisting of three glass transparent spheres.

Designer of the project is well-known architectural firm NBBJ. Eco-center will be equipped with office workers, retail outlets, meeting rooms, recreational facilities, but the main asset, no doubt, will be the atrium of the rare plants and trees from around the world to create the most comfortable microclimate. Thus, the future headquarters of the Amazon is not only a place for 2 thousand. Employees, but also a public place, where everyone can have a good time. Completion of construction of the project is scheduled for late 2016.

Facebook and atmosphere for creativity h4>

According to the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, innovations are born in the interaction of a large number of people. To implement this idea, Facebook commissioned the construction of the new headquarters of the famous architect Frank Gehry. The building will be a perfect idea factory: no walls and windows, cabinets for top management and other infrastructure. In a modest space without borders will be plenty of places for spontaneous crossing employees, and consequently the birth of new solutions. Five buildings of the complex interconnected roof landscaping with walking paths. The new campus at first glance - a rather modest work of the great architect, but, according to Zuckerberg, is fully consistent with the spirit of the company.

Is it worth it? H4> Of course, for such projects companies spend billions of dollars. "Why" - you ask? After all, this money could be put to the invention of more and more new high-tech equipment. But, as we have already mentioned above, the main objective of any large company - is to show the world its excellence, and similar projects are a good advertisement. However, we can not say that this is just window dressing or a struggle for supremacy. Indeed, in recent years the main goal of many IT-giants was the massive use of renewable energy and environmental technologies, which in the future can play a good service to humanity.

Source: geektimes.ru/company/ua-hosting/blog/245860/


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