Makhachkala Fort Boyard (8 photos)

Test naval weapons station was put into operation in 1939, is located at a distance of 2, 7 km from the coast, and had long been exploited. The building is completely destroyed her stormy waves of the troubled gray-haired Caspian. Suffice it to say that the observation tower station is located at an altitude of 42 meters above sea level and storm before the tower came the foam swirling waves.

the underwater part of the huge hall, dubbed the "masses", was built on the coast in the pit capacity of five hundred and thirty thousand cubic meters, dug using dredgers (and sometimes by hand).

At the bottom of the pit was built huge concrete "box" tall fourteen meters, after which an artificial bridge separating the pit from the sea, was destroyed, and the supernatant "box" was towed to the construction site of the station in February 1935. There's the "box" filled with water and "planted" on the prepared area of ​​rubble. Further construction of the station was carried out in the usual way with the delivery people and materials by sea vessels.


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