Sleeping Beauty ... (4 photos + text)

17-year-old schoolgirl once a month to sleep soundly.
But okay she just slept - unconscious woman manages to do incredible things.

Shannon Magee because of his illness wakes Christmas, birthdays, family reunions and even exams to obtain a high school diploma. Strange things are happening to her once a month, and baffled herself and her parents.

She just "cut down" for a long time, and it is not just sleeping, but can walk around the apartment naked, of course, not even knowing about it.
Also, it is possible to communicate with the ghosts that come to her in hallucinations, and even she begins to sing in a high voice of pop hits.
In a short time waking young Shannon simply do not know the parents complain. The daughter turns into a fury - it becomes very aggressive and irritable.

She demands of sweets and chocolate, and eat them in large quantities.


Doctors in five years could not diagnose the strange behavior of schoolgirls.
They were baffled by her symptoms as the girl's father Chris Dodd did not take matters into your own hands and went in search of a diagnosis of a daughter on the Internet.
By online consultations and diagnostic studies, an amateur verdict - at Shannon syndrome Kleine-Levin, who is also known as "sleeping beauty syndrome┬╗.
It explains how the girl could sleep for 22 hours a day for almost two weeks.




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