Dictators of the world

While the whole world gossiped about Gaddafi, we have decided to recall the most bizarre and pretty crazy (in a sense) diaktatorah.

Idi Amin (Uganda)

Began to call himself "Conqueror of the British Empire", to carry him on a throne were white citizens, destroyed two-thirds of his own army.
In his first year in power, Amin executed 9,000 troops, just as the victims of his repression were from 300 000 to 500 000 (from 19 million) citizens of Uganda, at least two thousand, he killed himself.
At the end of 1972 Amin expelled from 40 to 80 thousand Indians and Pakistanis after receipt of "messages from God" in a dream.
In 1975, Amin himself to the rank of field marshal and awarded himself the Cross of Victory. Over the years, he periodically organized for the media around the world infomercial, in which it was carried on the throne of the white residents of the capital Kampala, Uganda, after which they knelt and gave and the oath of allegiance. The following year he declared himself president for life.
In 1977 he declared himself the winner of the British and arrogated to himself the title of "Conqueror of the British Empire." While at the mention of Amin of Uganda on the radio lists all of his rank.
In addition, a highly predisposed to a variety of awards, so even lengthened his robe to put on it the majority of British medals and other awards of World War II, bought up by collectors.
One of the most absurd decisions Amin considered his ad-day war, the United States of America. Ugandan dictator declared war only to the next day to declare himself the winner.

Kim Jong Il (North Korea)

Spends 700 thousand dollars annually for brandy; 7000 Mercedes; 20,000 movies; while the country is starving.
In North Korea, the personality cult of Kim Jong-il, the portraits of the "Great Helmsman" decorate all public institutions, and any criticism of him is punishable by imprisonment in a concentration camp.
The country is in decline, and its president allows himself to the most luxurious excesses, proud and publicly declares its wine cellar, which houses 10,000 bottles of wines of the best varieties. Kim has a tendency to dishes such as lobster, caviar and the most expensive land, which he delivered directly from Japan by air, and during the meal enjoyed silver chopsticks like a Chinese emperor.
Annually spends about $ 700,000 Hennessey, a French cognac Cognac $ 700,000, while the average salary in the country is $ 90.
Travels exclusively on your own train. Loves luxury cars. In addition to Mercedes, is a fan of products from companies such as Cadillac, Volkswagen, Toyota and Audi.

Saparmurat "Turkmenbashi" Niyazov (Turkmenistan)

Over his long reign had to do a lot.
Renamed the months - in honor of a loved one, your mother ... is going to build a giant ice rink in the Kara Kum desert and the zoo with unusual for Turkmenistan animals like penguins. Banned opera and ballet as alien to Turkmen culture and youth wearing long hair and beards. Instead, most young people were encouraged to chew bones to strengthen teeth.
Libraries in the villages at the Turkmenbashi closed, citing the fact that ordinary Turkmen do not read books. Also banned were video games. In January 2006, Niyazov abolished the pension, all pension payments in the last two years, demanded the return of the state.
Were fired 15,000 health workers, including nurses, midwives, school doctors and nurses and replaced with military conscripts. All dogs were expelled from the Turkmen capital Ashgabat because of the unpleasant odor.

Jean Bedel Bokassa (Central African Republic)

Dictator, a sadist, a murderer, a cannibal.
Was ritualistic cannibal ate the flesh of their enemies to make themselves stronger.
After his overthrow of the French special forces, during a search of the Imperial Palace were found body parts in the refrigerator.
According to eyewitnesses, which include numerous children Bokassa of his seventeen wives, the emperor liked to eat alone "sweet pork", which was prepared for him alone.
Being away from their refrigerators during a trip abroad, Bokassa, however, indulged in their culinary passions - his chef carried with him the banks with specially pickled human flesh.
After a visit to the Soviet Union said that he liked the Russian tradition of friendly kiss, during which he could try Brezhnev taste.
In 1979, during the suppression of the uprising had killed 150 people, many of whom were children.

Do you think it can not be worse? And here can!

Pol Pot (Cambodia)

The most bloody and brutal dictator. The number one killers and sadists. During the years of his rule, destroyed a third of Cambodia's population (about 3 million people).
On the day of the overthrow of the old regime issued a decree on the abolition of money and ordered to blow up a national bank. All who have tried to collect flown apart in the wind banknotes ordered to shoot on location.
Announced the evacuation of all cities and villages. Disabled people who are unable to go, poured gasoline and set on fire. Located in the city was forbidden under pain of death.
Intellectuals declared enemy number one and subjected to total extermination. In this case, an intellectual is one who wore glasses. Sentenced to death for all teachers, scientists, writers, artists, engineers, doctors.
During the first year of the reign completely destroyed the entire economy of the country and all its political and social institutions.
Has developed a comprehensive set of restrictions that apply to the entire population. Forbidden to cry or whatever else a way to show negative emotions; complain to laugh or enjoy anything; feel sorry for the weak and the sick, will automatically be destroyed; read anything. For the slightest offense violators blabbed to death.
Executions were carried out as follows: before the push into the pit, the victims were applied with a shovel or hoe hit in the head and face down (in order to save bullets shoot 'betrayers of the revolution "was forbidden). When the liquidation subject to too many people, they were collected in groups of a few dozen people, enmeshed steel wire was passed current from the generator mounted on a bulldozer, and then pushed blacking people in the pit. Children to chain all together and pushed into the pit filled with water, where they are bound hand and foot, he immediately sank.
The corpses of criminals is a national treasure. They plowed into the swampy soil as fertilizer.
Declared the property of the nation's women, completely abolished the institutions of marriage.
In carrying out "reforms" relied on the army, which consisted almost entirely of fanatics twelve - fifteen years. They are accustomed to murder a child, being fed with a mixture of palm moonshine with human blood.


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