The strength of the spirit of sport (3 pics + video)

This story took place October 20, 1968 during the Olympic Games in Mexico City. Nearly seven o'clock in the evening and the awards ceremony was over an hour ago, but the organizers are asking anyone in the audience do not diverge.
From a distance came the sound of sirens escort vehicles. Surprised people get up from their seats. The stadium runs last marathon - Tanzanian John Akhvari.

At the beginning of the marathon he fell. During the fall, John injured his knee and hit his head.
Despite receiving damage he decided to continue the marathon and run to the finish, no matter how much time and effort it did not take. The winner of the marathon ran the distance in 2 hours and 20 min., Akhvari also finished with a score of 3 hours 25 minutes. Immediately after crossing the finish line, it was picked up by the arms medics and taken to hospital. The next day he appeared before reporters and asked why he decided to continue the race, said: "My country sent me for 11 000 kilometers, not in order that I began to distance. My country sent me for 11 000 kilometers for me to finish it. "


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