Photographer Ruth Orkin (38 photos)

Silent film actress daughter, Ruth Orkin (Ruth Orkin, 1921-1985) grew up in Hollywood. As a child she chased autographs, and a little grown up began to take pictures of their idols. In the mid-1940s, she moved to New York and became a photojournalist. He worked at leading American magazines of the time «Life», «Look», «Horizon» and others.

In 1951, traveling in Europe, Ruth Orkin has made his most famous picture, "The American in Italy» («American Girl in Italy»). The heroine of the picture - a young, pretty American - lost in the maze of the Roman streets. She tried to get directions from travelers per hour siesta Italians, but none of them spoke in English. Something understood (or pretended that he understood) only scooter driver. When she turned to him, someone asked what she wants. The guy was joking loudly in Italian: "What can be the issue - of course, me." And the whole street burst into laughter. This point and recorded Ruth Orkin. In the center of the frame unhappy traveler. Fifteen men around her. Someone makes a face, someone is laughing at the poor girl rest ironic glance at her.

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