The best images of beauty ceremony & quot; Academy Award & quot;

The annual awarding of the "Oscar" determines the best not only in cinema but also in the fashion world. So, here are the twelve most spectacular beauty, images of stars with a red carpet.

On the red carpet image of Cate Blanchett turned cautious and luxurious at the same time. Kate put her golden hair waves. Against the background of makeup in natural tones distinguished long black lashes.

Olivia Wilde has collected hair in a low bun. Spectacular hairstyle complemented no less spectacular make-up with emphasis on the eyes. Black arrows and fluffy lashes stressed eye color Olivia. Smooth skin tone and light blush added freshness image.

For the "Oscar" of Jennifer Lawrence had put short hair above the forehead. Makeup actress made in the range of nude. As Lawrence chose arrows and false eyelashes, eyebrows left intact. Lips and chest area decorated with delicate sequins.

Charlize Theron, as always, looked brilliant. Saturated solid lip gloss, perfect skin tone, neat arrows - each detail is carefully considered way. Neatly combed hair completed the image of the actress.

Lupita Nyong'o this day chosen the shade of blue to match the dress, soft coral lipstick and blush a little brighter hue. Pleasantly surprised and hairstyle Lupita: bouffant of short curls and a golden rim.

Margot Robbie appeared at the ceremony "Oscar" in the unusual form of the fatal brunette with wine lipstick. Image supplemented clear thick eyebrows and styling "Hollywood wave┬╗.

Naomi Watts was one of the few actresses at the ceremony, emphasizing a red lipstick. Win-win option for blondes actress complemented the shimmering shadows and long eyelashes. Special attention is given to the natural curl straight hair.

Sandra Bullock chose a dramatic make-up, beating hair color and shades of eye shadow. Smoky black eyeliner on top of the bronze shades echoed the painting "Ombre". Hair styling on one side drew attention to the stylish earrings Sandra.

Amy Adams has confirmed the validity of the rule of "less is more". Amy chose the makeup in shades of brown, which is in harmony with the color of her hair. Golden shadow, lip gloss and a coat of mascara. Elegant styling Amy sequins adorned the hair.

Anne Hathaway long bangs brushed up, revealing his face. Perfect shape, width and color of eyebrows, eyelashes and fluffy pale coral lipstick - nothing more.

Emma Watson stood out deliberately negligent low ponytail with vybivshimisya locks and brick-red lipstick. Tint Lip Emma supported by a bright blush. The image turned out pretty brave.

Angelina Jolie has chosen a classic smoky eyes. Lips - lipstick peach shade. Hair Jolie laid large waves.


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