Average data on some products eaten by man throughout his life.

The article presents the averages of certain foods eaten by man throughout his life.

Food and water are two essential things in the life of any person. Of course, quite accurately, how many and what eats people for their entire lives to count impossible. It depends on the particular category of people, their place of residence, income and still many other factors. However, the scientists were able to calculate that the average person over 70 years of his life can eat more than 50 tons of food and 42 liters of fluid.

Of these 50 tons of products can be distinguished:
2 tons of different meats, including 70 thousand. Cutlets;
7 tons of grain, including 35 thousand. Buns;
1 ton of fat;
4 tons of fish delicacies;
5 tons of potatoes;
5000 pieces of chicken eggs;
and sprinkle it all 500 kg of salt.

In addition, the person can eat about 10 thousand chocolates that if you move them to each other, will be equal to the height of 50-storey building. Person drinks about 75 thousand cups of tea, which is equal to the height of 10 Ostankino Tower.

Imagine these mountains products and tanks with liquids, how much space it can take. And if you imagine how many of these heaps of waste and will become even scared !!! So now before the next piece of reach for almost eaten the cake, you can remember this pile .... And diet is not necessary ...


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