Danger World Resorts

Many international insurance and travel companies annually compile and update lists of the most unfavorable for the leisure resorts. In compiling these lists take into account the number of accidents, robberies, scams and poisoning. Not the last role is played by reviews, visited on various resorts. Today we use the list of insurance companies in Britain, which has taken into account the views of more than 60 thousand guests, and tell you about the six worst resorts in the world.

The country, which is "famous" road accidents, theft and poisoning among tourists.

Insurance company encourages all tourists risked to go to Thailand, do not go on strange trips, not to sit down to the taxi drivers, whom you have previously failed to agree on the endpoint, and the cost of her trip. It will also be helpful to have a map with directions to the plan to your hotel.

Like other exotic countries, in Thailand it is better not to drink water from the tap. Wash fruits and brush your teeth, too, recommended the purchase of bottled water exclusively. In South Africa, you may encounter a high level of crime among the population. Do not forget that even on the way to the hotel. The insurance company also recommends the abolition of travel Kettlhong, Johannesburg, Alexandria Bay, Hillbro and Soweto.

It is not difficult to guess that can be expected in this tourist resort. For each square meter of the island for about five poisonous snakes. The bite of a snake threatens you kopegolovoy necrosis tissues of the body and inevitable death. Despite all this, the annual Snake Island is visited by hundreds of tourists - lovers of extreme tourism.


Overall, not the already unfavorable resort. However, given the huge number of poisonous insects and residents waters (sharks and rays), the British insurance company still recommends that you refrain from trips to Barbados. Other obstacles to travel to the island the company does not see.

Therefore, if you are not afraid of insects, try to avoid encounters with sharks - swim only at strictly designated civilized beaches.


Swim in the waters of India, is strictly forbidden, as well as to use water from the tap. For washing and cleaning fruits need to buy bottled water. The country also has a lot of poisonous insects. Before the trip to India, it is desirable to be vaccinated against various infections.


The country is booming addiction. Tourists are also at risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease or becoming a victim of thieves.


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