Football fan changed his sex

Briton Richard Allen (Richard Allen) was notorious football hooligans. Broad, with growth of 187 centimeters and weighs 152 kilograms, he strikes fear into his opponents. But one day he turned away from his past. Richard picked up a red card and was replaced by a T-shirt on a dress. He decided to start a new life is not like Richard and Becky (Becci).

36-year-old Becky says: "I am rooting for your favorite football club" Exeter City ", get into a fight with the fans, he could not control his anger and repeatedly run into trouble with the police. I beat people and showed everybody who I want to be. Of course, now my actions do not make me a sense of pride, but I finally chose their own way ยป.

Recalling his past, Richard says that after the match favorite football team, he and his friends ran down to the nines fan club "Plymouth Argyle". They beat all who came in their way, and rooting for a rival club. But it was the weekend and during the week Richard was an exemplary family man. But why hide, Richard liked to clobber their opponents.

But there was another side to the coin. Richard Allen of the British town Alfington, Devon, with eight years wanted to be female. But instead, to understand himself, he surrounded himself with tough friends. He tried to imitate them and in every way to prove that he is worthy of their surroundings.

But decades later, Richard realized he had made a mistake. He appealed to the doctors for advice, and has already begun its transformation from a man into a woman. Now he is undergoing hormonal and voice therapy before going under the surgeon's scalpel.

"I have long tried to be a man, a woman suppressed and eventually realized that I was living a miserable life" - admitted Becky.

He broke up with his mistress Paula after 12 years of relationship and told his boss at work. His family and chef Richard reacted with understanding. "From Paula I have a daughter, Nicole, in June, she was 12 years old. I have not seen her for three years, and I really, really miss her. I hope one day it will come to me "- said Becky.

More Becky admitted that the change of sex does not affect her love for football and darts. She still goes to the bar, drink beer and throw darts. She also attended a concert of your favorite band Madness, and Guns N 'Roses. She lives a normal life and I am glad that finally became that what it really is.


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